Write an essay on what Levi meant by the “gray zone” pertaining to his experiences at Auschwitz-Birkenau

Directions: We see the creation of power structures throughout human history. Sometimes those power structures are created for sheer survival. Read the “Individuals in Society: Primo Levi” (Ch. 27 page 935–see Unit 5’s “Missing Documents…” if you can’t find Levi in your book) and Robert Abzug’s Inside the Vicious Heart (pdf in World War II Module/Unit). Write an essay on what Levi meant by the “gray zone” pertaining to his experiences at Auschwitz-Birkenau and how we also see this “gray zone” or the idea of “each against all” within Buchenwald and/or Dachau in the Abzug chapters. Also, how do we also see the reactions of the American soldiers in the Abzug book as similar to this fear if not anger directed toward what Levi refers to as the “drowned”. Your essay must be a minimum of 600 words not counting direct quotes from the readings. Paraphrasing Levi or Abzug will also need a citation. You do not need to use MLA or APA or Chicago Manual Style for your citations but you may use them if you wish. You may simply use a parenthetical reference such as (Abzug, page 30) or (McKay, et. al, page 935) after your direct quotes or any paraphrasing. Please type in 12 pt, Times New Roman, double-space font. There shouldn’t be four spaces between paragraphs. Make sure there are only two (double-spaced).Rubric:Introduction to both the Levi and Abzug readings. Provide some context in a few 3-4 sentences to the Holocaust. Pretend that I am not the reader of your essay but rather that you are explaining the Holocaust to a friend outside of the class. (20 points)Explanation of Levi’s “gray zone” or “each against all”. Think of power hierarchies created among the prisoners themselves. The SS often did this to divide the prisoners. As a side note, there is an entire history of the powerful doing this to the poor and working class so the downtrodden (poor and working class) of society won’t ban together and rise up against the bourgeoisie. (10 points)Comparing Levi’s “gray zone” or “each against all” to Abzug’s book. Use those Critical Thinking Skills. (20 points)2 or more quotes from the Abzug book to back up your comparison. These quotes words are NOT counted in your overall essay word count. (20 points)American soldiers’ reactions to Levi’s “drowned” (Holocaust prisoners who became part of the masses left to the worst conditions in the camps—also those considered to be a “burden” be fellow prisoners/slaves). Use those critical thinking skills. Essentially, what are the reactions of the American soldiers to the Holocaust victims? It’s not always pretty. (15 points)Concluding arguments on Social Responsibility. Conclusions are not a restatement of your introduction but rather they tie the essay together.

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