Write a sustained development and defense of your own response to the ethical controversy you have chosen.

Write a sustained development and defense of your own response to the ethical controversy you have chosen. Here you need to offer a reasonable argument for a particular resolution of the issue.I am not looking for an airtight argument. Instead, provide a reasonable defense of your view that brings some of the theoretical claims we have considered during our course together with the current business issue. This will be as successful as possible if you also present and discuss the best objection to your viewpoint that you can come up with, and explain why you believe this objection fails.You must connect your paper to our course readings in some fashion. Choose at least one focused theme that connects directly to your issue, so that you can develop the connection to our texts in some detail.The ethical controversy is that the European Union is looking to ban the plant based food company Beyond Burger from using the term burger and sausage to describe their plant based meat. They prefer the terms Veggie Sticks or Veggie Tubes because they feel it would be a more accurate description of what the mock meat actually is. Beyond Burger is currently growing rapidly in the stock market as more people are eating veggie meat and it is being distributed in grocery isles and restaurant chains. The EU may feel it is misleading to the consumer to call their plant based protein burger meat, but the argument could be made that we don’t always know what is in the animal meat that we consume. More importantly, the rise in veggie meat is creating a competition with the meat industry which is directly connected to the government. Consumers are more conscious of negative effects the meat industry has on the environment and the overall health of eating less meat. This case involves government regulation. Discuss in detail Adam Smith’s account of the relationship between the government and business in order to defend Beyond Burger and be against the European Unions attempt at regulating their business. He would argue that Beyond Burger should be in charge of their own marketing without interference. He was against government regulation or partnership in business commerce because that makes it easier to remove competition and create monopolies. Adam Smiths views and defending his position should be the main focus of this paper. You may use online articles to find information on the case with Beyond Burger and the European Union. The Wall Street journal is what I used. Also Adam Smiths book A Wealth of Nations discusses his views on business and government. You can find resources for that online as well.

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