Write 400 words that respond to the following with your thoughts, ideas, and comments.


This section should
contain 400 words document minimum , including a reference list at the
end of this section , most importantly APA format should be use to complete the
assignment and the similarity scores cannot be more than 15%. It is important
that all details be giving for all responses base on the requirements of the

Many Americans, including nurses and
health care professionals, live unhealthy lives that subject them to chronic
illnesses. It is essential that nurses model healthy behaviors and understand
how to facilitate health promotion in their patients. Review the.healthypeople.gov/2020/topicsobjectives2020/default.aspx”>Healthy People 2020
Topics and Objectives Web site, and then use this
resource to examine your current lifestyle.

400 words that respond to the following with your thoughts, ideas, and
comments. Be substantive and clear, and use examples to reinforce your ideas.

Select 3 objectives and state how your current
lifestyle does not meet these objectives.
What interventions can you implement to change this?
Your response should be 5–6 paragraphs. You should have an
introduction, 3 paragraphs on the objectives you are addressing, and a
conclusion paragraph.

Section B

This section should contain 700 words document minimum , including an
abstract , and a reference page at the end . It is important to give details to
all responses using APA format , and the
similarity scores cannot be more than 15%. It is critical to also use in text
citation as you write the paper.

Obesity in the United States and
many other countries is at epidemic proportions. It is imperative that nurses
and other health care professionals screen and educate patients on this
condition. The nurses should have a clear understanding of nutrition and
exercise so that they can provide sound advice to patients. This assignment
will allow you to research and provide education to an obese female that has
risk factors for other chronic illnesses. Losing even7–10 pounds could prevent
her from developing these other conditions.


Develop a nursing care plan for an
obese, 24-year-old, Hispanic female who has a family history of diabetes, heart
disease, and hypertension. Her BMI is 34. She grew up in a traditional Hispanic
home and admits that she enjoys eating ethnic foods. She struggles with
controlling her portions. She does not currently exercise.

Select 3 NANDA nursing diagnoses that are geared toward
health promotion and disease prevention. Write the nursing diagnosis in
the proper NANDA format. Include the defining characteristics, related
factors, 4 measurable and specific expected outcomes (NOC), and 5–6
individualized nursing interventions (NIC).
this in a Word document of 700, with the required information, an APA
title page, and an APA reference page with the nursing care plan book or
NANDA reference that was used to formulate the care plan.
assignment is due
on Tuesday Nov 20, 2012 at 6am
EST . It is important to respond
to all questions
in all sections
clearly giving all
details . Also it is
critical to use
APA format to
complete this assignment , and thesimilarity scores cannot be more
than 15%.


400 words document
minimum, responding to the
questions below , using APA format and including a reference list at the end of
this Section. The similarity scores cannot be more than 15%, as it is advice
not just to cut and paste. In text citation is highly recommended for this assignment.

a definition of nursing informatics from a Web site or text
your own words,
explain the role of an informatics nurse in a health care setting.
Identify at least 2 ways that informatics are used by
nurses in the clinical setting.
If you have worked with informatics nurses, share your
Section B

This section should contain a one
page plan, and also on a separate page , include a reference list and an
abstract page all in APA format . The similarity scores cannot be
more than 15% and all details must be
clearly shown in the responses base on
the requirements in the questions.

You are new to a hospital, and it
requires that you get a baseline level on your nursing informatics literacy

Choose ONE of the following nursing informatics
checklists to use as a self-assessment of your career-based information
literacy skills and knowledge.
.com/niassess/competencies.html”>Nursing Informatics
Competencies: Self-Assessment
(complete all 3 sections)
Technical Competencies
Utility Competencies
Leadership Competencies
Note: For the area of competency,
determine and identify the level that most accurately reflects your
skills at this time.
.com/niassess/plan.html”>Personal Plan & Printable P.A.T.C.H.
Scale (download at the bottom of
the page)
Optional: P.A.T.C.H. Assessment Scale
Required: Nursing Informatics
Competencies Self-Assessment and Plan of Action
Write a 1-page plan that includes the following:
Identify 2 or more gaps in your knowledge or
information literacy skills.
For each identified gap, outline a plan for gaining
this knowledge or skill throughout this course

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