Why there is Diabetes health disparities in America

Why there is Diabetes health disparities in America
1. Title of Project: clinical question

Why there is Diabetes health disparities in America?
What to include in an outline:
? Clinical question
? Identify the problem that led you to this clinical question?
? Key words to be used for literature search of the evidence?
? Databases searched?
? Appraisal of evidence using a table format
? Integration of other evidence
? How will the evidence be implemented and evaluated in practice?

Paper should include.

Identify clinical problem ( Starting with a good clinical question)
?Teaching program for a community, agency or nursing student group.
?Development of curricular innovation.
?Innovative teaching or evaluation methods.
?Gather research evidence and appraise literature
?Apply conclusions to the clinical problem
?Evaluate outcomes
?Identify how it will affect the student?s practice.

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