Why do children engage in online gaming and what are its effects on their behavior, personality and health?

RQ: Why do children engage in online gaming and what are its effects on their behavior, personality and health?
Paint a picture of modern parenting and changes that have led to children turning to online game
Discuss the implication of technology and its implication on the child.
Give a personal example or statistic related to the topic of discussion
Main point: the online games that have become an essential part of a large population of people at their formative stages therefore my thesis statement- The Effect of Online Games on Children Social Behavior, Personality, and Health has significant implication to society.

Online gaming has mostly negative impacts on the children’s behavior and personality:

Green and Bavelier, (2012) ‘ In the United States alone, there is a statistical estimation of 97% of the young adults who are engaged in the online games for a minimum of one hour per day’
‘Online games have widely contributed to increased rates of physical, psychological and emotional disorders (Bochner, Sorensen, and Belamarich, 2015).
“Social seclusion is a common factor in children who engage in online gaming.” Grove (2014), “these kids attach less importance to interaction with other people thus lose touch with the outside world.”
Gentile (2009) ‘ online gaming leads to addiction in children which can have severe impacts on their behaviors and health’
‘There are links of addiction to online games to pathological gambling, drug dependency, and eating disorders.’ Oslon (2010)
‘The conversation with the child is interfered with since they concentrate on the games they tend to speak about them a lot. The child, therefore, may lose touch with the happenings around the world’

Online gaming has negative effects on children’s health.

The interaction with gadgets that have no mutual response but rather an imaginary and artificial feeling mostly contributes to depression, incessant diseases among other forms of disabilities that profoundly affects the other areas of the life of an individual….’ (Bochner, Sorensen, and Belamarich, 2015)
Lack of any emotional attachment with people creates an atmosphere of violence, brutality among other casualties.
(Grove, 2014). Kids who invest their time playing video games are likely to develop headaches and backaches at a particular point in time.

Positive effects on the scope of knowledge and education.

‘…endless energy and determination in the games, therefore, can easily be motivated into employing the same in other activities they engage in such as school work’ (Dweck and Molden, 2005).
other skills can be developed such as teamwork and communication skills especially when the children engage in multiplayer games online

Positive impacts on children’s emotions.

Ruggiero (2000) ‘….. When playing the game a child transitions from one state of emotion to another. In the process, the child will learn how to control these emotions and thus can portray an improved mood and have a balanced level of emotions.’
‘Playing online games includes increased level of happiness. The game lifts away the pressure they experience thus they are at a lower risk of becoming depressed’ (Kato, 2010)
Online games can offer solutions in tackling a particular game when they are both interested in the same thus providing a good ground for bonding.
skills can be developed such as teamwork and communication skills especially when the children engage in multiplayer games online

Positive impact on health.

Kato (2010), ‘games such Re-emission is important since influences the child cancer patients positively, therefore,enhancing their recovery process. The game builds persistence as well as perseverance to the treatment.’
‘Hand-eye coordination is also enhanced since those are the most used parts of the body when playing. As the game challenges the brain, there is also a shift in character which can be seen through education.’ Kato (2010).

Online gaming can have both detrimental and positive impacts on a child’s behavior, health, and education. A balanced needs to be determined as to when the online games are harmful.

Social isolation, depression and uncontrolled emotion may be some of the disadvantages brought about by the online games thus there is a need to control time spent on the games.
parents should be very careful on the amounts of time they let their children spend on online games
there is a risk of the child being addicted to the games thus may pay less attention to their school work and may lose touch with the reality
the positive impacts are: since children develop intelligence that can be applied in school work, persistence, communication skills and teamwork
Children should allowed to play online games but parents need to play their part in offering good parenting and ensure that the children do not access obscene materials.
the internet for beneficial purposes

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