While answering this question, include a discussion of what you see as the current nature of political competition.

As we move from an understanding of the structures of American politics to the societal actors that influence politics, it is clear that political parties have had a significant effect on American politics. Institutions such as the Electoral College largely function differently than the framers intended because of the presence of political parties. Competition between political parties for control of government also dramatically influences the policies adopted in our country. Landmark changes such as the abolition of slavery, New Deal, or Civil Rights Reform largely occurred because one political party dominated the political competition of the era. After reviewing the textbook chapter on political party eras, think about our current time period. There are a series of different views about the current nature of political competition. Some argue that we are still within the New Deal political party era in which the Democrats largely continue to dominate national policy making. Others argue that we are transitioning from a brief Republican dominated political party era from 1994-2008 to one in which the Democratic Party is becoming the new dominate party. Still others argue that we are experiencing a period of dealignment, in which Americans are less likely to support a single political party and instead vote more as independents. Some even suggest the rise of the Tea Party as a sign of the development of a new third party that could dominate a new political party era. Which do you think is the most accurate? Is there another possibility that is not presented here? Respond to this question in a writing assignment. In your answer be sure to take a position and create a thesis statement to support your position in a 3-5 page double spaced, 12 point font essay. While answering this question, include a discussion of what you see as the current nature of political competition. Also address these additional questions during the presentation of your argument. What factors do you think are driving these changes (or non-changes)? What do you think the future holds for American political party competition? Your answer should be in the format of a standard academic essay. If you have questions about the appropriate format for an academic essay please consult the Writing proficiency Website: https://www.mwsu.edu/academics/wpr/preparing and review the thesis driven essay guide: https://www.mwsu.edu/Assets/documents/academics/wpr/Prep-Thesis-Driven-Essay.doc Another good resource is also Purdue University’s online Writing Lab: https://owl.english.purdue.edu/ Lastly, you are not required to use outside sources for your paper but if you do you need to cite them appropriately using American Psychology Association style. If you use other writers ideas or exact language without proper citations this constitutes plagiarism and will result in a zero for the assignment. I will check your essay for originality using turnitin.com. You can review the evaluation by clicking on the turnitin logo on your submission after you have submitted. You can make changes up until the due date.

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