Which methods are most effective at relieving stress?


Description ASSIGNMENT 3:

Discussion report – CaseWorld scenario Rafaella D’Angelo College of Nursing and Health Sciences NURS1003: Psychosocial Perspectives of Health Care Assignment 3: Report 2 AIMS of the assignment The aims of this report is for you to demonstrate that you understand the concepts you have explored in Module 3 (Case: Rafaella D’Angelo) have engaged with the required activities that the four questions you have identified are the result of your own thinking and reflect your own learning needs NOTE: We will be discussing and working with you to answer your questions (and those of other students in the topic) in Tutorials 6 and 7. The information required TO COMPLETE YOUR REPORT Following Tutorial 7, you need to choose one of your four questions and do the following: Research the topic of your chosen question in more detail, select two quantitative and one qualitative article, along with two quality websites in order to develop a deeper understanding of the answer to the question. For the first part of the report (400 words), write a report that answers the question with evidence from your research articles. Your report must include new material that was not presented during the tutorial, but you can and should utilize the core textbook. For the second part of the report 400 words), select one of the stress or coping models from the core text book and describe how stress may play a role in illness. Add an appendix which contains your original four questions with notes from the tutorials. You can scan your notes so you don’t need to retype them. How your report should be presented You need to keep the following information in mind when writing the report: All citations and references must be in the APA (6) Referencing style. Line spacing needs to be between 1.5 and 2 lines. Font needs to be either Time New Roman (11 pts) or Arial (11 pts)

Make sure you have checked that your spelling and grammar are correct. Use the draft Turnitin service on FLO to check the text matching of your report and correct any issues before you submit your final version. Compare your report with the assignment rubric to assess, for yourself, whether you have met the criteria for this assessment before submitting your work. How the presentation will be assessed (implications/consequences for you as students) The quality of your presentation will be assessed in the following way: As the Statement of Assessment indicates, this report will be marked out of 25. There will be a rubric provided that will describe the criteria your marker will use in assessing your report. IMPORTANT: Make sure you consult the marking rubric for this assignment.

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