What would you have to do in order to get permission to conduct your research project and publish it?

During this semester, you read and participated in discussion boards where fellow students from
different majors discussed topic choices, ethics, literature reviews, etc. As your work through
the scenario for this project, keep in mind the interdisciplinary nature of health care in general.
Be sure to discuss what effects your project will have on different disciplines and include those
disciplines within your answers.
Scenario: Your hospital, clinic, or educational institution, etc, is interested in the topic you have
chosen. Management is so excited about what you are doing that it wants you to create an
interdisciplinary research project based on your literature review and run with it! Consider the

List 5 benefits of conducting your project as an interdisciplinary project and 5 challenges
of conducting an interdisciplinary project. Be certain that you address the
interdisciplinary aspect, even if your project was limited to one profession. 2 Slides

3. What would you have to do in order to get permission to conduct your research project
and publish it? Are there people at the hospital, clinic, or educational institution, etc.,
who must sign off on the project before you publish? Are there internal review boards or
other mechanisms for approval? 2 Slides

4. Who are the key players that need to be involved in this project to get it off the ground?
Why are they important? 1 Slide

5. What type of research methods (lit review, quantitative, qualitative, evidence-based,
mixed methods, etc. do you think would be a best fit for your project? Why? 1 Slide

6. Outline the key points of your research articles. Use major points only and do not cut and
paste from the article assignments. Cite using in-text citations. No more than 3 slides

7. Consider how you would get the final results out; for what peer-reviewed publication
would your topic be a best fit? Remember, this is an interdisciplinary project, so think
outside your discipline as well. Provide the actual names of the Peer Reviewed Journals
as well as links to the journals that would be a best fit for your project. 1 Slide

8. Talk about the possible impact on each discipline involved whether indirectly or
indirectly. Would a nursing project have an impact on respiratory and radiology? What
about social work? Think deeply about how these disciplines fit together during a
research project. How would it change the dynamics around the institution? Would it
affect how the differing disciplines view each other and/or change the way the institution
views those who participate? How could it affect the attitudes of co-workers or ancillary
people in the institution? 2 Slides

Write a summary of your experience in this interdisciplinary course. What was
frustrating and how did you overcome the frustration(s). What was good about the
experience? Give specific examples. What is your belief about the value of research in
general and this course specifically? Explain any attitude changes you experienced
through the discussions because of the different disciplines involved (Nursing,
Radiology, Respiratory, etc.) 2 Slides

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