What is the trend or issue that they represent?

Contemporary health related Issues(CINAHL or MEDLINE)

Description CONTEMPORARY ISSUES ANALYSIS PAPER: Using APA Style 6th Edition, develop a paper, 8 – 10 pages maximum including references, which delineates and analyzes one contemporary health related issue. PART I From the current news media, select a contemporary health related issue or trend or chronic illness by the second week of class and follow it for the next four consecutive weeks. Select one report on your topic from each of the four weeks. Write a summary of each of the four news reports. Analyze these four news reports: What is the trend or issue that they represent? In what way does this issue or trend relate to primary & community health care? How does the media represent the issue in each report? How does this representation shape public opinion on this issue or trend? PART II Conduct a professional scholarly literature search (CINAHL or MEDLINE) on this issue or trend within a historical context. Analyze the issue in relation to any of these perspectives philosophical/ethical perspectives, social/political concerns, economic considerations, and historical change. Identify your own points of agreement or disagreement with these perspectives (listed in previous bullet). Does this issue or trend hold any significance for the profession of nursing? PART III Compare your analysis of this issue in the media reports with your analysis of this issue in the professional nursing literature (if this is available). Identify the similarities and differences Based on your findings in this comparative analysis identify the implications for nurses or nursing students, health care policy, and/or health care delivery systems. CONTEMPORARY ISSUES ANALYSIS PAPER – GRADING CRITERIA PART I 1. Identification of contemporary health related issue. 5% 2. Summaries of four reports and relevance. 10% 3. Analysis of the four reports (Include all four components) 15% PART II 4. Conduct a professional literature search within an historical context Submits a copy of literature search 15% 5. Analyze the issue or trend (Include all the necessary components) include in this analysis a discussion of your own points of agreement and/or disagreement (Include all the necessary components) 15% 6. Significance to contemporary nursing 5% PART III 7. Comparison of the analysis of issue as presented in the media reports with your analysis of the issue or trend in the professional nursing literature. Include in this analysis the identification of similarities and differences. 15% 8. Implications for nursing profession or students, health care delivery system, etc. 10% 9. Scholarly writing and adherence to APA format (6th edition) 10%

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