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The purpose of this assignment is to help you effectively communicate (oral and written) one current issue in the area of public health. Select one current issue in public health and write a paper about that area of public health. See The Nation’s Health website (Links to an external site.) for current public health issues to choose from. The total assignment should include a minimum of 4 pages of writing. . Papers should: Include a title page Include at least 4 pages of content Typed, double-spaced with standard 1 inch margins 12 point font (Times New Roman, Arial, or Calibri are acceptable fonts) Cited in APA format Spelling and grammar-checked (this factors into your overall quality score) Written in your own words, with proper in-text citations Include references Papers should include: An Introduction to the topic Clearly describe the topic. Include a BRIEF discussion of the relevance of your topic to public health. What is the public health problem? The Body of the Paper must cover: What is the prevalence? Are there any trends (increase or decrease in recent years?) What are the causes of the disease/topic? Further elaborate on its relevance to public health Is there a health disparity? (one group more affected than another? Racial/ethnic, low SES, women? One country over another? Etc.) Prevention or health promotion plan: The goal of Public health! You should come up with a prevention plan or health promotion plan for your topic. Include what types of prevention you going to employ and describe how. Keep in mind the multi-factorial model that works best for PH prevention; try to cover this. ie: education, change physical environment and/or social norm, health behaviors, etc. Discuss how are you going to measure it’s effectiveness. A Conclusion section; this should be one paragraph which is a brief synopsis of your paper and future recommendations So what? Why do we care about this as a PH problem Why is your intervention/prevention useful and/or needed? A Reference page with your sources appropriately cited Sources MUST be peer reviewed journal sources or appropriate websites Websites include .gov sites or appropriate PH agency sites Sites such as Wikipedia, webmd, About.com are unacceptable You must have at least 3 sources, 2 of which have to be peer reviewed journals Provide clear links to related topics discussed in class THROUGHOUT the paper Direct quotes are limited to 2 (no more than two sentences) – more than that will result in point deduction

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