What is the core issue examined in the article?

Assignment #1 – Critical Review Essay (2-3 pages)SOCI 1145 – Summer 2019 Draft due: June 5 (beginning of class)Final draft due: June 12 (beginning of class)I. DescriptionThis assignment is intended to develop your critical analysis skills by reviewing scholarly literature and succinctly summarizing its findings. As such, you are required to submit a critical review of one published article in an academic sociological journal (e.g. such as The Canadian Journal of Sociology, The American Journal of Sociology, The Canadian Review of Sociology, Contemporary Sociology, Sociological Forum, Teaching Sociology).This assignment is intended to help prepare you for your term essay, in which you can use the scholarly article you review for this assignment as one of the peer-review sources in the term essay. You can access an appropriate academic article through the Douglas College Library website, using the research skills developed in the library workshop.II. InstructionsPick an article that examines a topic that is somehow linked to you and your family’s history. Potential topics include, but are not limited to: gender, race, immigration, indigeneity, multiculturalism, addiction, politics, consumerism, globalization, media, housing, work, poverty, income inequality, etc. In your paper, you should address the following questions:1. What is the core issue examined in the article?2. What is the author’s research orientation (qualitative or quantitative)?3. What is the author’s theoretical perspective? Describe the key concepts and variablesthat are used to frame the argument.4. What data is used and how was it collected?5. How was the data analyzed?6. What is your overall impression of the research? Are the findings significant? Are theconcepts that are introduced clear and precise? Does the author provide sufficient evidence to back up their claims?III. Essay StructureThis essay should have a clear structure, including:1. Introduction with thesis statement and description of how you will review the essay.2. Body: 2-4 paragraphs that summarize what the article is about, discussing points2,3,4, and 5 (above).3. Concluding paragraph summarizing the essay’s argument4. Bibliography using APA style a. For many examples, see list of references in the back of your textbook (pp. 389-398).1IV. Formatting GuidelinesPlease use the following format for all assignments:1) Times New Roman or Calibri 12 pt. font2) Double-spaced (you can use sub-headings, but do not use triple spacing or leavelarge spaces between sections)3) Use standard margins4) Use sub headings if it helps you to organize your thoughts and stay on track5) Provide page numbers (with the exception of the title page)V. CitationDouglas College Library APA Style Guidehttps://library.douglascollege.ca/guides/cite-sources/apaPurdue APA Style Guidehttps://owl.english.purdue.edu/owl/resource/560/03/Example of proper citation using APA:Last name, first name initial (Year). Title of article. Title of journal. Volume number (issue number), pages.Example:Jarayan, S. & Krosnick, J.A. (1996). Education moderates some response effects in attitude measurement. Public Opinion Quarterly, 60, 58-88.

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