What if there was a mistake in the booking and the airline claims you didnt have a reservation?

Option One Finding the Best Airline Ticket Price Check several online sources for pricing on an airline ticket to your favorite destination on a pretend trip (or a real one, if you are planning a real trip) sometime within the next 3 months. This exercise is ONLY to check pricing comparisons, NOT to purchase any tickets so be careful not to accidentally purchase the ticket!!! Check at least two travel services from the options below and then check with at least two of the reported low-price airlines website directly to see if their website lists the same price, or if it was higher or lower. If you think you know another airline that flies there for less, add it to the list. You can also add any other source for tickets you want to check just be sure you tell us which site(s) you are adding and how the results came out. You will have checked a minimum of 4 websites for airline tickets, perhaps more two or more travel services plus two or more airline sites. Your report should include not only the prices and sources but any other information you can include SUCH AS what is included with your ticket do you get meals? What about baggage fees? Were you were able to select your seat, were you able to get the date of your choice, was the booking process easier or more difficult compared to the other systems tried, did they make an effort to up-sell you into hotel rooms, rental cars and/or other additions? If so, was it a very low-key effort or did it seem to be a somewhat strong up-sell push? Did they reveal to you what would happen if your flight was cancelled, delayed long enough to miss the connecting flight or if you were late in arriving or bumped from the flight? What if there was a mistake in the booking and the airline claims you didnt have a reservation? [Many discount services dont tell you this but customers are often out of luck if something happens and ticket purchasers could be given low priority handling for problem resolution.] Please add any other comments you may care to make and/or include previous experience you have with buying airline tickets or making other travel arrangements online. Suggested travel services (check at least two from this list OR you can use equivalent substitutes for generic travel services plus at least two airline sites for your destination) – keep in mind that some airlines such as Southwest do not sell tickets through the travel agencies, especially discount ones, so you may need to look more than one place to find the information you need. PLEASE INCLUDE CITATION. Cheap Tickets – https://www.cheaptickets.com Orbitz https://www.orbitz.com Expedia https://www.expedia.com Priceline https://www.priceline.com Travelocity https://www.travelocity.com

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