What factors have drawn people into sex work?

A scholarly expository essay has a thesis statement. A thesis statement is your argument supported by logic and evidence. The thesis statement (in the discipline of history) is comprised of one sentence that presents your central idea that is debatable. It expresses a viewpoint on a topic about which reasonable, well-meaning people might disagree. A thesis statement allows the essayist to explore various sides of the topic, including opposing ideas. It also informs the reader what to expect in the essay. Make the thesis statement the last sentence in the first or second paragraph of the expository essay. Never cite Wikipedia, an encyclopedia on the World Wide Web, because Wikipedia does not provide peer review of its entries. Discuss both your ideas AND your opponents ideas. The argument in a scholarly expository essay must explore different sides, including their strengths and weaknesses, of the topic. Your job is to present major sides of the debate or controversy fairly and honestly while you present your interpretation of the topic. You cannot make the essay one-sided. You should find flaws in your opponents argument or premises and be logical in explaining your thesis. Be honest in stating that your viewpoint has weaknesses. For example, if you are for a periodic increase in the minimum wage, then you must be honest in carefully presenting different anti-periodic increase in the minimum wage and anti-minimum wage views while carefully explaining why your views are worthwhile. Use endnotes, NOT footnotes, NOT parenthetical references. You must cite various sources to support your argument. Documentation must be thorough enough to give the reader a clear idea of the evidence for specific claims. Have as many cited sources as needed above the required minimum number of sources to support your essay. An endnote may contain more than one title of a cited source. If appropriate, use the assigned readings for the course and other sources, for example, books, journals, newspapers, classroom discussion, messages, lecture notes, websites, and so forth. All cited sources must conform to the Chicago style of documentation. The expository research essay has standard margins, type size twelve, and Times New Roman or Calibri font, preferably double-spaced. (The one and one-half spacing is fine as well.) You need to cite a minimum of twelve titles of sources of any combination of books, articles from journals, magazines, and newspapers, and other formats. If your sources are from the Internet, then you must include the URL (the website address) in the endnotes. You may cite encyclopedias and dictionaries in your endnotes, but encyclopedias and dictionaries do not count toward the number of cited sources in your endnotes. Delve more into the history of sex work. What factors have drawn people into sex work? Have conditions and attitudes surrounding sex work changed over time?

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