What education would you provide Anita about children & discipline?

Anita is 27 years old. She is a single mom to her son, Jerry, who is eight years old. Anita works full-time and is also a full-time student at the local community college. While her mother lives in the same town and can help occasionally, Anita is mostly on her own in raising Jerry. Anita arrives in your office seeking help with Jerry, who has been disruptive and combative at home and school. She cares deeply for Jerry and wants the best for him, but she doesn’t know what to do and is tired all the time from the demands of her day-to-day life of work, school, and keeping up with household chores. Jerry’s behavior is becoming more and more combative and volatile. Anita gave an example of how she took Jerry to the pool this Saturday at their apartment complex. When it was time to go, Jerry refused. Anita demanded they leave and threatened punishment. Jerry continued to refuse. Anita was tired and needed to get back to their apartment to work on her paper that was due for school, so she finally told Jerry that if he left with her, she would get him some ice cream with sprinkles. Jerry finally agreed. Anita receives calls from Jerry’s teacher of how he refuses to listen and acts out in class. Anita knows there is more she can do, but she doesn’t know what to do. It’s always been just the two of them, so he mainly has gotten what he wants. She said it didn’t seem such a big deal when he was younger, but it has just gotten worse the older he gets. Response 1) Utilizing the text as well as one additional resource obtained from Troy’s online library. The Troy library resource should be from a journal article no more than five years old. (Education, Social Work, Psychology) (a) What education would you provide Anita about children & discipline? (minimum 2 paragraphs) (b) What type of discipline/behavioral plan would you recommend for Jerry? You must take into account his age/developmental level. (minimum 2 paragraphs) (c) What part if any should Jerry’s teacher be engaged? (minimum 1 paragraph) 2) Please note that this should be about what the text and your research suggests is appropriate and NOT your opinion on what Anita should do. 3) Please make sure your response is in paragraph form, APA in-text citations with references at the end. Make sure to organize your information is such a way that I can denote your responses to the questions specified. (APA format) Reference: Zastrow, C., Kirst-Ashman, K. K., & Hessenauer, S. L. (2016). Understanding human behavior and the social environment. (11th ed.). Boston, MA: Cengage.

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