What does culture mean to you?

Special Topics in Diversity

There are two pieces to this assignment: The final reflection paper (80 points) and the
Heine, S.J. (2015). Cultural Psychology (3rd Ed). New York: Norton. ISBN: 9780393263985.
Final Reflection Paper (80 points)

The goal of this assignment is to integrate what you read about, experienced, and learned across the semester. You must cite at least 2 academic sources PER QUESTION, which should mostly be assigned class academic readings (journal articles, books, book chapters)but NO websites, except for the AAC&U VALUE rubrics and any Ted Talks. You may also use other journal articles that you have found. Thus, your final reference list should be somewhere between 10-15 sources.

Be sure to submit your Final Celebration of Learning paper on Folio on or before the due date. Review and follow the scoring guidelines provided on the last page of this document.

Address each of the following sets of questions with to one-page typed, 1 margin, sans serif font (suggestion: Calibri or Arial), single-spaced pages per question. Thus, your final Celebration that you turn in should be 4-7 FULL PAGES of written text (and Reference page).

1. What does culture mean to you?

2. What does it mean to be interculturally competent? (NOTE: Please do not give me Wikipedia, heavily quoted, or plagiarized definitions give me YOUR definitions, which should draw upon others ideas and include citations.)

3. What are your national AND cultural identities, and how have these influences shaped who you are? (Please remember: Culture is much more than nationality, and identities are plural. You can include gender, sexuality, religion, politics, ability/disability status, immigrant status. For example, taking an intersectional identity perspective, how has being an African American, gay, female, cisgender, Republican, Catholic, non-immigrating, single, able-bodied, athletic, millennial generation, music lover shaped you? What specific values do you have and behaviors that you do come from each of the identities you listed? Describe at least 3 parts of your identity in depth, one of which must be nationality.

4. Define prejudice, stereotypes, discrimination, and microaggressions. Why do you think these things are so difficult to unlearn?

5. How do people learn to be more comfortable and less judgmental with individuals from different groups or cultures? Did your projects for PSYC 3050 help you in this regard why and/or why not?

6. On a scale from 1-10, how interested and open are you toward learning about other cultures AND interacting with/learning from people other cultures? Which ones? Why and/or why not?

7. The Initial Paper assignment from the beginning of the semester duplicates questions #1-6 above. AFTER YOU HAVE DONE #1-6, look back at your responses you wrote at the beginning of the semester. How have you changed (or not) this semester in your intercultural competence: Your knowledge, attitudes, awareness, behaviors, etc.? What have you learned about yourself, your culture(s), other individuals, AND other cultures (or not) across the semester as a result of PSYC 3050 readings, experiences AND assignments?

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