What did the director-cinematographer team do with that added tool to enhance the impact of their film?

[MOVIES REPRESENT THE MODERN WORLD] choose one topic below. Midterm Paper **Choose one of the following topics and write a five-page, approximately, paper in which you take a position on the topic and convince the reader that they should agree. Due: in class or by email.** 1. Postwar film, in the US and elsewhere, reflects the evolving social roles of women all over the world. Compare and contrast, in two or three films, the portrayals of women. Suggest ways in which they help define the modern woman in the larger world. 3. It is a commonplace to say that no one can quite define the chemistry that creates a convincing relationship between two people in love on the screen. Nevertheless, I am going to ask you to try. Casablanca, Bonnie and Clyde, Breathless, and On the Waterfront have attracted critical praise for the chemistry of the couple at the center of their stories. Take two of these films and cmpare and contrast what the actors and the directors did to merit such attention. 4. Bonnie and Clydewas filmed in color. What did the director-cinematographer team do with that added tool to enhance the impact of their film? You can contrast it with one of the black and white films we saw. 5. The modern screen hero evolves in this period. Though the John Wayne archetype of Stagecoach persists, the role of the male hero becomes more complex in modern film. Take two or three films and explore what sort of male role-playing they present. 6. Godard has been classified as an intensely ideological film maker with a Marxist bent. What in Breathless anticipates the more overtly political films he would make in later years? 7. Examine closely the music used in one of the films we have studied, or compare and contrast the music in two of the films. How did the composer support the directors intentions, if he did? 8. Persona exemplifies the modern psychological film drama. How do the events that make up the narrative develops the complex relationship between the two women. Comment on the peculiarly cinematic means Bergman uses to augment the story and create the impression that we have come to know these two women in a very intimate way. 9. Are Casablanca, On the Waterfront, or Breathless political? How so? If they are, how do the directors artistic, cinemagraphic, choices serve the films political message. 10. Bonnie and Clyde was praised, and reviled, for breaking new ground in the presentation of violence in mainstream studio films. What made the violence in the film so effective? What mitigated, or lessened, the violent content? Compare and contrast it to any other film or films if that helps.

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