What are your observations of each officer’s performance?

Following are two case studies that enable the reader to consider some of the substantive issues involved with appraising officer performance and to consider some possible solutions.
Case Study #1 Knowing Your People, or Searching for Hidden Meanings
You are a supervisor in Bay City, recently transferred from the robbery/homicide section of detectives to day shift patrol. You begin your new assignment by reviewing crime reports and calls for service data for the area and meeting with each of your officers to discuss their view of the area’s problems and their work productivity. The south area of the district is divided geographically into five beats, consisting of single-family homes, small commercial businesses, and several large apartment complexes. Approximately 50,000 citizens live in the area; most are middle-class white and Hispanic people who reside and work in the area. Crime analysis data reveals that the most prevalent crime problems are daytime burglaries and thefts of property from the apartment complexes, juvenile drinking, and vandalism. The vandalism is not gang related and is mostly spray paint tagging of schools and businesses. There are three main thoroughfares through the area, but traffic accidents are low in comparison with the rest of the city. After reviewing three of your officers’ past performance evaluations, you determine that Officer Stengel leads the patrol division in felony arrests. Her follow-up investigations have led to the identification of two groups of daytime burglars who were truants from the local school. A review of other performance areas shows similar good effort. Officer Robbins has just completed his probationary period. Troubled by the vandalism, he began working with the city attorney and local business owners on an ordinance that would ban the sale of spray paint to juveniles. Robbins makes every effort to work on this project between calls for service, but some of his fellow officers have complained about having to handle some of his calls. Officer Franklin has 10 years’ experience and would like to work a motorcycle traffic assignment. Selections will be made in six months. In an effort to demonstrate his interest in that assignment, Franklin currently leads the department in the number of citations written. He also leads the department in citizen complaints of rude behavior, but only 2 of 10 complaints in the past three months were sustained. Assume that you are about to engage in an annual performance appraisal for each officer.
Questions for Discussion
What are your observations of each officer’s performance?
Do you have any concerns about any of the behaviors demonstrated by any of the officers?
Do the officers satisfactorily address the district’s problems?
Are there any other issues that may require your attention? If so, how would you handle those issues?

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