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Capstone Project Paper – Summary of Entire 3-Part Long Term Research Project Paper Part 1 is completed in the first HCS course, 5410 Healthcare systems. Part 2 is completed in the second HCS course, 5430, Managed Healthcare. Part 3 is completed in the third HCS course, 5420, Legal & Ethical Issues in Healthcare. The Capstone Project: Students will complete a Capstone Project Paper during the three HCMS courses; there are three parts to the Capstone Project Paper (one part during each course). For the project, students will conduct a critical assessment and analysis of how a natural or unexpected disaster in the United States affected the healthcare enterprises (e.g., organizations, hospitals) in the area of the disaster. Focusing solely on healthcare enterprises, students will research disasters such as Hurricane Katrina to identify what occurred, who it affected, and how healthcare enterprises and their members responded to the disaster. While it is obvious that details of the natural disaster (e.g., Hurricane Katrina) may need to be discussed, overall details not specific to the healthcare sector and healthcare organizations should be minimally discussed; in no way should all the details of the disaster be discussed in-depth, nor should ALL the systems that were affected be discussed. Students are to focus solely on how a natural disaster (e.g., Hurricane Katrina) affected the delivery of healthcare prior to, during, and after the disaster, then identify proposed solutions that could have improved that delivery—long-term solutions that, after implemented, might help prevent future collapses/failures of healthcare delivery during a natural or unexpected disaster. During each of the three courses, the instructor will provide details regarding topics to be researched and what areas students are to focus on during that phase of the project. In brief, the Capstone Project paper will answer critical questions such as, (a) What healthcare systems went down, (b) How healthcare enterprises responded to the disaster, (c) What went “wrong” in the delivery of healthcare during the disaster, (d) What healthcare systems were operational and why, (e) Who was affected (e.g., populations, individuals, organizations) , (f) What are the healthcare delivery , management , and legal & ethical implications of healthcare enterprises’ failure in the disaster? (g) How could have healthcare enterprises improved their delivery of services during the disaster? (h) How can healthcare enterprises be better prepared for natural disasters? (i) What long-term solutions does the student suggest as a healthcare manager and leader for healthcare enterprises to be better prepared in the future overall to handle critical crises such as natural or unexpected disasters? List at least 3 solutions, fully detailing why they are viable, how they could be implemented, and who they would affect. (j) How might or could the solutions proposed have changed what occurred during the natural disaster? Be specific, and list specific changes for each proposed solution.

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