TWO Discussion Question (Each one 8-10 sentences)

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Choose ONLY TWO from the topics below:Discussion Question 1: At what carrying capacity or as a result of what unforeseen biotic or abiotic catastrophe will the human population stop growing? Considering the history of humankind what some factors that have or should or will limit the population? Should we limit the size of families or number of children allowed in the U.S.A.?

Discussion Question 2: What are some of the adaptations that humans have to avoid becoming prey? Think about defenses, camouflage, senses behaviors etc. How do you stay safe in a dark parking lot? Think about the adaptations we have evolved, not the weapons we use.

Discussion Question 3: Global warming has been accepted by the vast majority of the reputable scientific community as a reality. What can you easily do as an individual to offset this problem? What role should the government play?

Discussion Question 4: Global warming (weirding) is obvious, the collected data definitely show a trend in increased temperatures and other climate changes. What can you say to someone who says global weirding is not happening but is something designed by the scientific community or government to scare people? Nonscientific misinformation about glaciers

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