This assignment is designed to provide some exposure to employment issues affecting families in the U.S.

This assignment is designed to provide some exposure to employment issues affecting families in the U.S. The focus of this Discussion Post is parental leave policies for workers who give birth or become parents to a child. view this and Prepare a post that addresses 3 aspects of the data/news story that enlightened you about family leave policy in the U.S. In doing so, proof your responses for grammar, typos, and punctuation. Responses should be thoughtful, significant, and original. Use of the first person is acceptable, but not by any means necessary. Differences of opinions and lived experiences are expected but please ensure that your posts and comments are thoughtfully written and respectful of others. This is an academic learning space and posts should reflect such a tone. Points will be deducted for absence of substance, grammar/typos/punctuation, not addressing the requisite aspects (see above), your writing should be analogous to formal writing. From the website’s description: “The United States and Papua New Guinea are the only countries in the world that do not provide any paid time off for new mothers. Why havent maternity leave laws kept pace with the increase of working parents? Economics correspondent Paul Solman explores the debate on whether time off for new parents is also good for business.” In 1993, Congress passed the Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA). This federal policy mandates that workers who have been employed for at least 1 year can take leave to care for a family member or due to illness for up to 12 weeks. The law does not mandate that the worker receive pay during the leave, but some employers can and do continue to pay their employees during the leave. The law only applies only to employers with 50 or more employees. The news story addresses that state of maternity leave policy specifically in the U.S. as it compares to the rest of the world and the pros and cons of implementing it. Consider the issues raised by the story in light of Cherlin’s view that children represent both a private decision by parents and a public good that help sustain a society. Using content reviewed in class, consider 1 or more of the following thought questions: 1) What are the factors that might explain why the U.S. is distinct in its federal family leave policy for child birth? You can address maternity leave, paternity leave, or both in your response. 2) How might current policy shape an employee’s decision to start a family? What is the impact of the policy on American family life? 3) How does the impact of the policy vary by gender and/or social class? rubric Addresses 3 aspects of the documentary This criterion is linked to a Learning OutcomeIncorporates the assigned reading in a substantive manner This criterion is linked to a Learning OutcomePaper is at least 3 paragraphs long This criterion is linked to a Learning OutcomeSubstance, Quality, Clarity, Organization of the Paper; Accurate Use of Grammar

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