The Role of Strategic HRM and Succession Planning In The Nationalization of Workforce

Write a dissertation of around 14,500 words maximum. All words in the dissertation that handed in, including in-text references, title, etc, are included in the word count. The reference pages, abstract, tables graphs and appendices are not included in the word count.

Requirements overview:
The dissertation must contain the following:
Title Page
Contents Page
Chapter 1: Introduction
Chapter 2: Literature Review
Chapter 3: Methodology
Chapter 4 Findings/Data Analysis
Chapter 5 Discussion
Chapter 6 Conclusion
Each chapter must have an introduction and a conclusion. The topic should use the transformational or transitional (or both if possible) leadership theories in relation to succession planning. This should be clearly demonstrated in the introduction chapter where 2-3 paragraphs should only introduce the theories that would be examined and discussed throughout the dissertation but without any definitions. However, the theories and the relations to succession planning must be discussed in depth and details in the literature review chapter with the proper definitions, arguments and research gaps etc. Some adapted or developed illustration will be expected to be used to support the use of theories and the relations to the topic and its country and industry contexts. The methodology chapter should outline the way the dissertation will be conducted with the different sections in it. It would follow a qualitative approach since it is based on a case study and a questionnaire for semi-structured interviews must be adapted and developed to perform the interviews to gather the case study data for analysis (Note: the interviews will be conducted by the Order Requester not/not the writer). The Findings / data analysis chapter and discussion chapter can be combined in one chapter. The dissertation must have an extensive conclusion to link up the dissertations aims and objectives, the presented literature and with findings of the research.

Also, please note the below remarks:

1. The dissertation will be ordered in chapters and should be done in chapters but the intentions should be that the writer would start and finish the whole dissertation work
2. Each chapter should be done and sent with references both in-text and bibliography as per the referencing instructions.
3. I will gather the data based on the interviews I will conduct but the questionnaire and the questions should be developed by the writer and the data also must be analysed and incorporated in chapter 4 by the writer
4. I need to know how the writer intends to analyze the data that would be send to him / her. What programs will he / she use?
5. The work must be original and plagiarism free 100%
6. I need an expert who has written several dissertation in HRM or Management before
7. The chapters details will be shared with the writer for further guidance and clarity
8. The number of references required is at least 150

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