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Your Annotated Bib will be made up of two key parts: an abstract and annotations. You’ll really get to show off your summary skills on this assignment! If that’s an area where you know you struggle, it will really help to review Ch. 2 in They Say/I Say – “Her Point Is:” The Art of Summarizing. Abstract Your bib will start with a brief presentation of your research topic for this project – an Abstract. Essentially, your Abstract should read like the abstracts you’ve seen on scholarly articles. You can think of the abstract as a more formal way of covering some of the issues you addressed in the topic analysis. As this is a summary, I do not expect to see any direct quotes from your research – this should be an opportunity for you, the writer, to summarize your topic for me, the reader. The Abstract will be a concise summary of your topic that explains how your topic relates to writing/literacy details where you plan on taking your topic, and includes your tentative thesis statement Your Annotated Bib must present at least 5 scholarly sources and each summary must be at least 100 words. The Annotated Bib must follow MLA 8th edition format exactly. Use your book – avoid the urge to simply make-up Works Cited entry format! Avoid the urge to rely on citation generators that often come with word processing programs or ones found online. Unfortunately, they are often inaccurate and lead to lost points on important assignments. They are a great way to collect the information needed for your works cited page, but you need to review them carefully and edit as needed. As this is a working bibliography, it is expected that all entries will be presented in alphabetical order – either by the author’s last name or by title as necessary. Review the MLA chapters in your handbook for more information about setting up a Works Cited page. The ENC1101 Lab has an extensive unit on MLA formatting. Your Annotated Bib should be set up similar to a standard MLA style document This includes using proper page numbers, double-spacing, a title, and a heading. For overall formatting tips, review the “Formal Essay Submissions Guidelines” handout. For heading example, see the syllabus. Do not underline the title or put it in “quotation marks,” italics, or bold. The title can simply be Annotated Bib or you could opt to try out your research project title. Write in standard, formal English, using no slang or contractions. Use of second-person perspective (“you”) is not appropriate or acceptable on this assignment.

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