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SPE – Assessment Guide The assessment should be presented in an essay format with sub-heading for each section, with a Table of Contents, Introduction, Main Body and Conclusion. 1. Title Page: In the Arden Assessment cover page, under the Assessment Title, students should indicate that this is an essay. Flexibility will be exercised for students who wish to use a report structure in completing the assignment. Note: This should be written in the third person and should display well to excellent ability to write academically. Avoid using Pronouns including: “I, Me, We, Us”. 2. Introduction This should explain what the assignment is about and mention the main concepts discussed within the body of the assignment. This part should use up not more than 5% of the total word count. 3. Main body • Discuss historical/philosophical ideas around the concept of health and how this fits with the chronic disease today, • Outline a chosen chronic disease of choice, eg: Cancer, Stroke, Diabetes, Cardiovascular disease. In this outline, discuss the age of onset, gender, risk factors for disease, how the disease impacts the quality of life etc. • Outline a chosen country of choice. Give some discussion on the healthcare system. Link to the chosen chronic disease, outlining population statistics. Discuss measures around population health, dimensions of health. • Discuss how the chosen country manages the chronic condition. Screening, immunisation, medical treatments. Access to services. Reflect on key issues, link with the Healthcare system, economic factors, political factors, environmental factors. • In the next part, consider the chronic disease and how it is managed within other countries and the issues around this. Similarities and differences. • Reflect on current statistics, or any case study evidence in this section of the discussion. • Discuss challenges and successes in the management of chronic disease • Discuss problems and solutions in health issues in a global context in relation to the chronic disease based on the discussion in the main body. • Use a SWOT or PESTLE analysis to discuss or argue the role of collaboration in managing the disease within and across boundaries. Make suggestions for improvement. • Note: You do not have to follow all these bullet points sequentially in discussing key points relevant for the assessment. 4. Conclusion Summarise the key points and conclude. Recommendations may be added if a student wishes to.

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