Select ONE diagnosis from the following

Case History Paper Literature Review/Research Paper 1.Select ONE diagnosis from the following: 1. Pharyngeal phase dysphagia 2. Sensori-neural hearing loss 3. Unilateral vocal cord paralysis 4. Wernickes aphasia 2.Create a brief client description to provide a frame of reference on which to build the rest of your paper [i.e. Kim is a 35 year old woman who was diagnosed with x. She came into the clinic complaining of then launch into the rest of your paper]. 3.Organize your paper by subheader. 4.Using the following commonly used speech pathology and audiology databases, write a double spaced 3-5 page paper literature review/research paper encompassing your chosen diagnosis ETIOLOGY, SYMPTOMOLOGY, ANATOMICAL and PHYSIOLOGICAL findings and common TREATMENT TECHNIQUES associated with this diagnosis. 5.You must use a minimum of 5 sources. 6.Data bases should include but are not limited to: ComDisDome, NIDCD [] The National Institute on Deafness and Other Communication Disorders], The Journal of Speech and Hearing Research, and the ASHA LEADER. You have access to each of these databases via your tuition directly through the library website as well as through the internet directly. 6. Things to search for and include in each domain listed above are as follows: 1. ETIOLOGY: what are the common causes of the disorder? Is the disorder typically present at birth [chronic] or can it come on suddenly due to disease or trauma [acute]. 2. SYMPTOMOLOGY: What symptoms might the client present with in terms of the disorder? If a swallowing disorder, which phase of the swallow is affected go into detail about each phase and then explain the affected phase in the most amount of detail. Would the client be losing weight? Would they be coughing on thin liquids? If a voice disorder how would their voice sound? Would they feel a sensation in their throat? Etc. 3. ANATOMICAL and PHYSIOLOGICAL findings: What SPECIFICALLY is happening in the case of your chosen diagnosis? Your paper must include a thorough discussion of all anatomical structures involved in that diagnosis. In the case of a hearing diagnosis, you must provide a thorough description not only of typical hearing anatomy but also include specifically what has gone wrong with the anatomy and physiology to cause the hearing issue. Relate the etiology and symptomology to this section as well. In the case of a voice diagnosis, you must include a specific discussion of the anatomy involved in typical voice production and also a thorough discussion of what has gone wrong with the anatomy and physiology to cause the diagnosis and relate the etiology and symptomology to the diagnosis in the discussion as well. The same principle would be applied to a diagnosis of dysphagia. 4. TREATMENT TECHNIQUES: This section should include a discussion of at least one common treatment technique commonly used to treat your chosen diagnosis. Provide the name of the technique, describe the technique in detail and provide detail regarding how and why this technique should, theoretically work. In other words, how specifically does the technique affect the anatomy and physiology of the structures involved in the diagnosis at hand SPECIFICALLY? 7.Please SOURCE Cite your sources following APA guidelines.

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