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Technology Literacy and Electronic Health Records (EHR)
What are your experiences with using an electronic information system (EHR)? Describe the
components of an EHR, and using the assigned readings, any past experiences or observations,
and your imagination, share your thoughts on the following question: Can you give one pro and
one con of an EHR with regard to enhancing patient care and safety? Include rationale for each.
How do you see the EHR enhancing patient health literacy?
The prescription is a data rich endeavor. By making it less demanding for suppliers and patients
to utilize and share data, electronic health records (EHRs) can help you make an excellent
showing with regards to of overseeing patient care and enhance patient and general health
results. EHRs Can Be the Foundation for Quality Improvements: EHRs place exact and finish
data about patients’ health and medicinal history readily available. Furnished with this data,
suppliers can give an ideal consideration, for the purpose of review. It can help providers and
patients work together on a superior patient ordeal and, above all, assist them to convey an ideal
care.One of ideal approaches to influence your EHR to enhance quality is to accomplish
significant use. By putting enthusiastically and definitively utilizing an EHR framework,
suppliers will procure advantages past money related incentives?such as a decrease in mistakes,
accessibility of records and information, updates and cautions, clinical choice backing, and e-
recommending/refill robotization
Components of EHR
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Patient centeredness, timeliness, and equitable access
EHRs Can Reduce Errors, Improve Patient Safety, and Support Better Patient Outcomes:
EHRs don’t just contain or transmit data; they “figure” it. EHRs control the data in ways that
have any effect for patients.
EHRs can uncover potential security issues when they happen,
helping suppliers maintain a strategic distance from more accurate results for patients and
promoting better patient results.
Security is a unique concern with regards to electronic health records. Utilizing EHR
programming can put your association at danger if you don’t take after protection conventions to
a demanding degree. While paper records additionally make it simple to disregard a patient’s
protection, the comfort, and promptness of electronic records make it easier to abuse security at a
phenomenal level. Wholesale fraud can happen when unapproved individuals access classified
and delicate files. A dishonest person could get to patient information and use it to confer
extortion. Notwithstanding, EHR programming alone is not to fault for such an offensive
situation. All things considered, it’s conceivable to consult data fraud necessarily by getting to
paper records of patients
Health literacy is an idea that depicts a patient’s capacity to comprehend materials gave
by doctors or different suppliers. A few variables, including instruction level, wage, and age, can
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1) Technology Literacy and Electronic Health Records (EHR)
What are your encounters with utilizing an electronic data framework (EHR)? Portray the parts
of an EHR, and using the allocated… The answer to this question… View the full answer

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