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Response 1-Jennifer Glockner

What kinds of treatments will comparative effectiveness research compare?

Comparative effectiveness research compares the effectiveness of treatments relative to their other options. This type of research identifies the most effective and efficient interventions that have the potential to reduce unnecessary treatments, which in turn, may help lower costs. For example, a randomized trial for treatments of osteoarthritis of the knee found that patients who received surgery did not have better outcomes than those treated with medicine and physical therapy. (KFF, 2009) In this case, the combination of medicine and physical therapy was as effective as the more costly, riskier surgical procedure.

Kaiser Family Foundation (KFF) (2009, October) Explaining Health Reform: What is Comparative Effectiveness Research? Retrieved from,

Question 2-Brianna Hart posted

Should comparative effectiveness research include measures of cost?

Yes, since the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act of 2010 established comparative effectiveness research (CER) as a central feature of federal efforts to improve health care, measures of cost should be included. CER evaluates and compares many health care entities such as multiple treatment facilities, benefits, risks, services, and care. CER also compares services and items such as procedures, medical devices, protocols, pharmaceuticals and even health care interventions. (Garber & Sox, 2010)

It’s not uncommon for other countries to set budgets for health care spending and use comparative effectiveness to determine treatments and health care plans for patients. Typically using CER helps clinic management produce better decisions in regards to cost and revenue as well as the best care is given to the patient. (UMGC)


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