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Help me study for my Nursing class. I’m stuck and don’t understand.

MN568-1: Demonstrate a consistent approach to the evaluation and management of illnesses and conditions for patients presenting in primary care setting.

  • This skill was demonstrated by completing assignments that included case studies where a diagnosis and treatment plan were required

MN568-2: Order and interpret diagnostic testing based on the history and physical assessment for patients presenting with acute, episodic, and chronic illness in the primary care setting.

  • Again, this skill was demonstrated in the different case studies that included all forms for diagnostic testing and treatment plans; acute episodic, and chronic illnesses. Acute, episodic and chronic illnesses were also talked about in length in the discussion boards every week.

MN568-3: Formulate an evidence-based management plan for patients in the primary care setting with acute, episodic, and chronic illnesses.

  • Management plans for these patients was also discussed in the case studies, discussion boards, and also in the learning activities that were suggested for us. This class also correlated well with the clinical course work and clinical experience that I was able to experience, even for just a short amount of time. Evaluation and management, interpreting of diagnostic tests, and making a management plan were all done successfully in this class and in the clinical class that is associated.

MN568-4: Design age appropriate health maintenance and screening plans for adult primary care patients.

  • This whole class focused solely on the adult population. The readings were really helpful in making the connection that the information that I was learning was directly related specifically to the adult population. Health maintenance and screening were also discussed in the case studies and discussion boards.

MN568-5: Form a collaborative relationship with the patient, family and other health care providers.

  • This whole Purdue experience has taught me how to form relationships within my work. From the very beginning the reading focused on empathy and providing quality care to the patients. This class did not prove any different. The reading began with these same concepts and throughout the course, whether it be through “patient interaction” (case studies) or discussion boards, the way that I plan to interact with patients, families, and other healthcare providers has only grown.

MN568-6: Apply principles of informatics to primary care setting.

  • Informatics is an important aspect of healthcare whether it be in nursing or as a nurse practitioner. I was unaware of this importance until I did the reading and had to do more research on the topic in this class. As a 25 y/o student, I am pretty well adept to the current technology and I can see the ways in which it can help the healthcare system. I will have to continue to stay on top of this topic in the future.

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