Reflection Paper on Exercise for Chronic Pain

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Consider the following educational outcomes to complete this reflection paper:

  • #1 Cura Personalis. Demonstrate through academic preparation and personal reflection the St. Ignatius Charism, cura personalis: care for the individual person.
  • #8 Whole Person Health. Demonstrate knowledge of the components that determine a person’s health and well-being as they relate to the risk for chronic diseases and the skills to design, implement and modify appropriate programming to mitigate risk.
  • #9 Healthy Lifestyle Programming. Design, implement, and modify healthy lifestyle programs that create health for individuals with and without chronic disease that includes health behavior modification strategies most appropriate to individual needs.
  • #10 Self-Care. Demonstrate knowledge, skills and values regarding the empowerment that effective self-care has for managing a healthy lifestyle and the importance of preventive care. Students will learn about self-care strategies, practice designing self-care programs for themselves and others, and demonstrate the importance of self-care in the broad scope of health promotion and well-being.

Reflecting upon what you have learned throughout the previous eight weeks of this course, please write a reflection paper that demonstrates your understanding of how the topic of “Exercise for Chronic Disease” fits in with the four program educational outcomes listed above.

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