Provide you with the experience of being a minority and to expose you to cultural differences between yourself and others in an unfamiliar environment.

The purpose of this assignment is to: Provide you with the experience of being a minority and to expose you to cultural differences between yourself and others in an unfamiliar environment. Assignment 1 is a personal growth exercise Becoming a Minority (Mai-Dalton, 1985). Your task is to go by yourself to a place that you have not been before and observe what you see, and your feelings as being different in that environment. For example, a Caucasian Christian visiting a Hindu temple, a heterosexual individual attending an LGBTQ event, a younger student going to a senior citizen function the key is to place yourself in a situation where your social identities are different from the majority of those in attendance. Do not choose a setting that places you in a situation that is physically dangerous, or in a situation in which your presence is unacceptable or seen as an intrusion. You must submit your exercise idea for approval via Canvas by Wednesday, January 28th by 5:00 p.m. **My professor gave me permission to attend a live-stream event of a Hindu Temple due to a foot injury and me not being able to walk at the current moment. YOU MUST FIND A HINDU TEMPLE LIVE STREAM in order to complete this assignment. As a last alternative, I just asked my professor if I could use a video instead of a live event because I havent been successful at finding one Hindu Temple live stream. However, she hasnt responded as of yet I will let you know onces she does and at that time I will provide you with the link of the said video that I already found** In order to receive a grade, you must write at least a 2-page reflective essay and you must include evidence of your exercise, e.g., photos, etc. Please ask me if you are unsure as to how to provide evidence of your experience. Your written work must be clear and well organized. In addition, your assignment must be typed, double-spaced throughout with reasonable fonts and margins. You must incorporate the course concepts into your responses. Describe your experience as follows: a. The date and place where the experience took place and a brief description of the setting. b. Your reaction to the situation in terms of your behavior and feelings, and the reaction of others to you. c. What did this experience teach you about being different from others in your environment? d. How did it feel to be a minority in this way? e. What insights did the experience give you that you could apply to your current or past work situations? **I will also upload the PowerPoints covering the course content up to this moment to help you incorporate the concepts into the responses as required by this paper.**

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