Provide free blood pressure screening (Rehoboth Baptist church & town center fitness)

FNP preceptorship for primary care of adults and adolescent.

In a two-page letter please briefly write my personal statement starting from my past, present and future goal. This is just to request FNP preceptorship for primary care of adults and adolescent. To be competitive the letter has to be written nicely in a professional way. Past Graduated from Hampton university college of Virginia Beach in 2014 with Bachelor of Science in nursing. Volunteered while in nursing school ➢ Hampton road Heart walk ➢ Food bank of Southern Virginia ➢ Breast cancer self awareness month walk ➢ Provide mentorship to junior students ➢ Provide free blood pressure screening (Rehoboth Baptist church & town center fitness) ➢ VA Medical Center (Provided assistance with transporting patients to their scheduled appointments, assist and support nursing staff providing amenities and special attention to patients as needed). Academic Honors: ➢ Received college honor, 2014 ➢ Dean’s list, 5 semesters Served as charge nurse/nursing supervisor in long term care facilities transitional care unit for one year Worked in different nursing units such as ICU, medical surgical units Present Currently working in Abbot North Western Hospital in Observation unit and attending Walden University FNP program as well. My current GPA at Walden University is 3.85 and I’m in my first clinical rotation of primary care of adults and adolescent in HealthPartners clinic. Future goal I want to be a nurse practitioner serving medically underserved people after graduation. Ideally, my dream is to work with lower income people who have limited access to healthcare mainly because growing up poor, we got to learn what it was like to have limited access to quality healthcare. You don’t know how that feels unless you are in that situation where you are treated differently. I have seen them all growing up poor in big family, in sub-Saharan African country where basic needs like drinking clean water and food is not met for me. I loved growing up in a big family but also learned there were hardships that went along with it. I am currently working hard to solve those problems as much as I can in the future. Also, when I become nurse practitioner I get improve my patient’s health literacy and stay up to date with newer technology, medicines, research, and I get to sit down with somebody one-on-one and talk with them about how they can improve their health and improve their life. After I gain some experience working as a nurse practitioner, my ultimate goal is to volunteer with organizations like doctors without borders and to open a clinic for all ages in Sub-Saharan African countries like Ethiopia and Somalia to reach out to the minority and underserved population. Focusing mainly on underserved population where healthcare, preventative education, follows up care is so desperately needed. I just can’t wait to accomplish my mission and give back to a community I grew up in and love. Thank you for taking the time to read my letter of intention. I look for ward to hear from you!

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