Policy or Programs – Vulnerable Populations

I am a senior Social Work major from Mississippi. My Social Work Field Placement was at the University of Mississippi Medical Center Cancer Institute. Please, make sure that the paper relates to the Field Placement that I have completed. Overview: This assignment is an adaptation of: Policies or Programs Affecting Selected Vulnerable Populations and Out-Groups by Edith A. Lewis, University of Michigan School of Social Work. For this assignment, choose a prevailing social welfare policy or program affecting vulnerable populations or out-groups that you encountered in your social work employment or social work field placement. Keep in mind that you will use this same policy or program related to your work, field placement, or your community as the basis for your Policy Analysis assignment, which is due later in the course. For this assignment, you will take a broad look at the policy or program and respond to these questions: 1. What are the competing ideologies inherent in the current federal and state debates on this policy or program affecting vulnerable populations or out-groups as you have observed in your social work employment or field placement? 2. How are these competing ideologies operationalized in terms of facts, values, and strategies? 3. How have these competing ideologies affected social welfare policy enactment, both historically and during the last decade? 4. Support your own stance on this issue as it relates to your social work employment or previous field placement. What values and ethics is your stance based upon? 5. How has this policy or program differentially affected vulnerable populations/out-groups in your field placement or social work employment? Your responses should be organized according to the question numbers, and you should include the question number in your response. You should use and cite three-to-five sources that support your response. Use APA style and formatting for your in-text citations and for your Reference page. Review the Policies Affecting Selected Vulnerable Populations and Out-Groups Assignment Rubric [PDF] for the evaluation criteria. Submission To submit your work, follow these directions: 1. Format your work according to these guidelines: o following APA style and formatting o 4-5 pages for its length that includes: o title page o 3 pages of content o references o doubled-spaced lines o 1″ margins o using a 12-point font 2. Save your work following the “yourname_vulnerable_groups” naming convention in the .doc or .docx file format. 3. Submit your work as an attachment to the Vulnerable Populations and Out-Groups Assignment by clicking the above link.

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