ow might it solve any problem you are addressing?

The following sub-headings are a guide

-Title should indicate the topic of the study in 1-10 words.

-Summary 50-200 words summary of the entire project.

-Background to the Research What events/issues led to the interest in the project?

-Literature Review A concise summary of your previous assignment. It should identify
the main references on the topic, review the findings of other studies
and their methodology. Draw out important research questions
remaining and messages for methodology at the end of the review.

-Significance of the Research This can be the most important part of a good proposal. What do you
hope to achieve with the study? How will it add to knowledge in the
field? How might it solve any problem you are addressing?

-Aims and Objectives Identify the study’s main and the key research questions or

-Methodology Discuss the methodology and justify why you have chosen the
approach selected. It is good practice to discuss (briefly) the merits
of the main alternative approaches. Use references if appropriate.

-What methods will you use? What will be the outcome of using these

-Research Timetable Set out the best information available on the time required to
undertake the various stages of the research: preparation, data
collection, analysis, write up, publication/dissemination.

-Ethical Issues/Concerns Identify any specific issues arising from the research. Pay careful
attention also to generic ethical issues in research with human
subjects – Respect for Persons: Informed Consent; confidentiality;
possible risks for subjects and any possible benefits. Any conflict of
Research proposals – general guidelines
interest etc. involved in the research? State whether —–Ethics approval
has, or will be sought, and if so, from whom.

-Personnel Where appropriate, identify the main people other than yourself
likely to be involved and summarise the experience and expertise
they would need to bring in order to produce high quality data.

-Budget This is required for many grant applications, consultancies, etc. It is
often useful to complete in other cases as well. It is not necessary to
complete this section for SOC224.

-References List any books, articles, reports, web sites etc. you have cited in the

-Appendices Attach any important documents (e.g. questionnaires, ethics
approvals, CVs, budget, sampling framework) referred to in the body
of the proposal.

Euthanasia is a complex issue with many supporters, whilst also having a large amount of people against legalised assisted suicide. Questions to be answered through literature explored. Why are people against such a policy to legalise euthanasia? Where else in the world have they legalised euthanasia around the world and why? How many assisted suicides occur each year in Australia?

Sources (10):

Smets, Tinne et al. ‘Attitudes And Experiences Of Belgian Physicians Regarding Euthanasia Practice And The Euthanasia Law’. Journal of Pain and Symptom Management 41.3 (2011): 580-593. Web. 29 Mar. 2015.
Cohen, Lewis M. ‘Murder And Euthanasia Accusations Against Physicians’. Mayo Clinic Proceedings 87.9 (2012): 814-816. Web. 29 Mar. 2015.
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Emanuel, E. J. ‘Euthanasia: Where The Netherlands Leads Will The World Follow?’. BMJ 322.7299 (2001): 1376-1377. Web.
‘Euthanasia And Disability Perspective: An Investigation In The Netherlands And Australia’. Australian and New Zealand Journal of Public Health 35.3 (2011): 297-297. Web.

Two for review
Cohen, Lewis M. ‘Murder And Euthanasia Accusations Against Physicians’. Mayo Clinic Proceedings 87.9 (2012): 814-816. Web. 29 Mar. 2015.
Emanuel, E. J. ‘Euthanasia: Where The Netherlands Leads Will The World Follow?’. BMJ 322.7299 (2001): 1376-1377. Web.

Each of these articles examine parts of the issue, the two articles aren’t related however they each compliment the review, each of them looks at factors involved in the issue of euthanasia. Lewis Cohen looks at the negative viewpoints and how physicians risk their careers as well as potential criminal charges for those that participate in assisted suicide. Shaping the views of my review to make it unbiased is essential making the choice of a fairly negative article on the subject essential.

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