Organic Chemistry Lab Write ups. NEED HELP ASAP

Help me study for my Chemistry class. I’m stuck and don’t understand.


I need help writing my labs. It’s not that I don’t know how, but I am having a bad mental struggles getting work done and stressing over work at the time.

These are not difficult at all, and can be passed off as rephrasing. I need Intro, procedure and conclusion written for 3 labs. 1 is almost done that I have done most myself but just needs finalizing, probably one more page. The rest are at blank, but I have all materials needed and even other labs that will help tremendously. You may even be able to simply rephrase it which I have done but need to make sure it is not too similar since they check for plagiarism. I have attached the rubric. The labs are not based on length but on having and doing the right material.

It usually is around 3-4 pages for Background info (intro), procedure and conclusion. So total may be about 10 pages you will be doing but they really are mostly rephrasing, I have all necessary stuff for them. Grammar would need to be ok and the information must make sense. I want to do this as a google doc however, since I will be doing the calculations on the same document. There may be a few questions to answer but I already have the answers, they just need to be answered with my numbers and they are just understanding questions that I have and will be mostly doing, they’ll be after the conclusion.

Please message me of any concerns and work with me. One lab is due tomorrow Friday at 12 noon Central Time and the other later that night I can submit. I just need to make sure the one is done by noon. I expect it to take approximately 1 maybe 1.5 hours with no breaks for that one and 1 maybe 2 hours for the rest. Again it is basically just rephrasing. Please if you have the knowledge and can help, let me know!

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