Mental health professional

Mental health professional

It is a treatment plan. Consider yourself as a Mental health professional with a client who is diagnosed with one of the following issues below. Follow the format along with the given instructions provided below to write a treatment plan for your client.
Treatment Plan:
Keeping records and accountability are important aspects of the practice of mental health counseling and psychotherapy. One important aspect of effective treatment planning is that each plan should reflect the actual issue at hand and client?s needs. The individual?s strengths and weaknesses, social networks, family dynamics, etc. must be considered in developing a treatment strategy. This particular assignment is an exercise and you are not required to find a person/client in order to complete the actual project. The intention is for you to become familiar with developing a treatment plan. It is important that you frame your project within the course material.

Develop a Treatment Plan for ONE of the following issues. (Choose only one issue or topic below/ minimum 4 pages):
? Antisocial Behavior
? High-Risk Sexual Behaviors
? Substance Use Disorder
? School Violent Behavior
? Child/Adolescent Depression
Use the following steps to write your Treatment Plan:
Issue: Choose one of the issues from the list provided above and identify the ethnic background of the student and/or client.
Definition(s) of the Issue: Use your readings, research articles, and diagnostic manuals to provide a clear definition of the issue.
Goal Development: The next step is to set broad goals for the resolution of the issue. These statements can be global, long-term goals that indicate a positive outcome to the treatment procedures.
Objective Construction: In contrast to long-term goals, objectives must be stated in a measurable language so that it is clear to review and to assess.
Therapeutic Intervention: Interventions are the actions of the mental health counselor or school psychologist designed to help the student and/or client complete the objectives. There should be at least one intervention for every objective.
Summary: This is the main part of this project. This is an opportunity for you to reflect, critique, and evaluate the importance of this particular assignment. Make sure to use your readings to provide an Evidence-Based treatment plan. Write as much as needed.

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