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Instructions are included. This is the first draft of a paper that is going to be a 21 page paper. Hopefully I can continue to work with whoever begins working on it
Continue to work on your paper. Submit your APA formatted title page and an abstract page. You will also submit the first draft of your paper (pages 1-7) with at least 5 references. My tentative outline was included but I am open to any changes Submit a APA formatted title page. Your title page should consist of a running head (first line and left justified) and should be a shortened version of the title of your paper (this information is explained on page 23 of the APA Manual). Then in the center of the page should be your title, the next line your full name and the third line should be your school affiliation. No other information is included. You do not put the name of the course or the professor’s name, etc. At the bottom of the should be the author notes which is the contact information for the author of the paper. Submit your abstract page. Page 26 of the APA Manual explains what an abstract page actually is. The abstract should be just a paragraph explaining the purpose behind the study your researched and what was found. At this early stage you will not discuss findings yet but you can still submit what the study will be about. First rough draft of your research paper (pages 1-7) with at least 5 references. By setting aside time each week to work on your paper, the thought of writing a 21-page paper does not seem as daunting. Staying disciplined is important, not only in this course, but in any walk of life, whether it be professionally or socially or acedmically. Researching, compiling and organizing material is as important as the writing so focus on the tasks at hand. As you begin your paper this week, take time to think about your topicand the direction you want to go with it. Start by looking at the outline/summary you submitted last week. Perhaps for this first rough draft (the first seven pages) look at the first few headings and subheadings in your outline/summary and tackle those. Discuss your topic with a peer or a mentor and they may aid in helping you realize some aspect of your topic you had not previously thought of. Stay the course and keep chipping away on it.


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