Leadership for Quality Effectiveness and Safety in Health care

Leadership for Quality Effectiveness and Safety in Health care

Identify and critically discuss systems, processes and or infrastructure improvements in your

workplace or country that have been developed and implemented and their effectiveness in improving healthcare quality and safety.


This task requires students to:

Identify, provide an overview and evidence of, a system, process or infrastructure improvement implemented

within the last twelve months.

Show how leadership, professional communication and interpersonal skills have been applied working in

partnership with patients, families and carers towards patient safety and quality as part ofthis project.

State how legal and regulatory requirements associated with safety and quality have been implemented and monitored

Ensure you adequately and appropriately define and describe all major terms, including ‘systems,’ ‘quality processes,’ ‘infrastructure improvements’ and ‘effectiveness’ (including identifying the criteria used to evaluate effectiveness in relation to quality and safety outcomes).


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