Is the discharge planning of the nurse care management leading reason for preventing readmission to the hospital?

-Problem Statement: Why is this important to the public?
-Significance of study to nursing – use 2 references here.
-Review of literature – 5 references here that will support the research of the identified problem.
-Hypothesis or Research Question – whichever is appropriate for you.
-Operationally defined terms.
-Theoretical or Conceptual Framework for study – brief description of framework and why this framework is appropriate.
-Assumptions and Limitations
-Research Design/Sampling Plan
-Type of research design, type of sampling plan, what population will the sample represent, how will you obtain your sample, how will you control extraneous variables.
-Plan for data collection/Description of tool -include number of items, who created the tool, any reliability or validity associated with the tool.
-If you develop your own tool such as a questionnaire then the section must contain your plan for the tool’s pilot study.
-No matter what tool is used your plan should tell how/when/where data collection was done.

The Effects of Nurse Case Management on Hospital Re-admission Rates

Research Methodology
The target audience of this research will be patients with diabetes. The study will measure if the success of the nursing care reduces the possibilities of hospital re-admissions.
Purpose of the study
Healthcare management requires quality healthcare services which starts and ends with high quality nurse care management as they are the primary caretaker of patients when they are admitted to the hospital. The number of readmissions of patients directly reflects on the quality of the nurse care management. The purpose of this research is to assess the outcomes of the re-admission rates of diabetic patients that receive nurse case management.
The dependent variable will be the readmission of the patients and the independent variable will be whether nurses provided discharge planning involving nurse case managers. The sample will be obtained from the healthcare facilities by interacting with the patients admitted there. The research design to be used will be quantitative research as this will capture number of patients re-admitted that did receive not receive nurse case management, and discharge planning as compared to the number of patients re-admitted that had received nurse case management, and discharge planning. The research questions will be:
1.    Is the discharge planning of the nurse care management leading reason for preventing readmission to the hospital?
2.    What changes of nurse care management is expected by the patients from the nurses?

Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality (2014). ‘Hospital Guide to Reducing Medicaid Readmissions’. Retrieved on February 10, 2015 from

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