In a one to two-page essay, note at least three examples of steps that can be taken to make resident rooms in a nursing home

1. In a one to two-page essay, note at least three examples of steps that can be taken to make resident rooms in a nursing home – more homelike, explaining how each step listed accomplishes that purpose.2. Define the following terms, illustrating each definition with at least one example:Assistive DevicesLife Safety CodeSafe Medical Device ActPest Control ProgramPreventative MaintenanceHome-Like EnvironmentANSI StandardsUnsafe Working Conditions3. What are the advantages and disadvantages of having a non-smoking nursing home campus ? If smoking is permitted on the nursing home grounds, what factors should be taken into consideration to assure a safe environment? Your answer should be 2-3 pages.************************************************************************************************************************************8=**************************************************************************************************************’LECTURE NOTES FOR ABOVE:ENVIRONMENTAL QUALITYOBRA requires that the facility’s environment be safe, clean, comfortable, and homelike. Cleanliness is covered in the sections on housekeeping and linen/laundry. Providing a comfortable, homelike environment requires that the setting be as non-institutional as possible. That is not always easy given the clinical requirements and demands of providing the care needed by most of the residents. However, in recent years, most nursing homes have done much to make the physical environment much more comfortable and homelike.ROLE SHIFTSThe text includes the statement that the only housekeeping task that a Certified Nurse’s Aide can perform is bed-making. In today’s world of culture change, a new concept is emerging – the Universal Worker. In many of the smaller house models, such as the Green House model, one employee may serve as the CNA, while also doing cooking, housekeeping, laundry, activities, purchasing, and perhaps other roles. Often, the residents themselves participate in these activities, just as they would in a residential household, while assisted or supervised by staff.ACCESSIBILITYAnother area covered by OBRA is accessibility to and use of all facilities and services by physically and visually impaired residents. Actually, OBRA references both the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) and regulations of the American National Standards Institute (ANSI). Both of these mandate that nursing homes be built and maintained in a manner that permits their use by anyone, regardless of handicap. Their regulations cover such items as handrails, wheelchair ramps, toilets, and furnishings. They also require that fire alarms be both audible and visible to assure that residents (and staff) with sight or hearing deficiencies are alerted by those alarms.SUMMARYThis lesson has addressed a topic that is sometimes mismanaged by nursing home administrators: the physical environment. Managing the physical environment requires a lot of detailed, hands-on involvement. Many administrators seem to go to one of two extremes. Either they ignore the details because they have “bigger” problems to face, or they get overly involved in the details as a way of avoiding those other problems. They cannot afford to do either. They must pay attention to the physical environment because of the serious nature of the consequences for not doing so. However, they can and should delegate much of the detail.

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