If you had to choose between having a strong economy and a weak military, or having a weak economy and a strong military, which would you choose?

This paper should be done exactly like the order number 8225086. You were the writer for that one. It is out of the same textbook. Add the quotes each time question is answered like you did before. The other paper was well done. The below textbook is where most of the proof of where your answers must come from and where the quotations must come from! We the People (11th edition ,paperback, full edition), by Lowi and Ginsberg, published by W. W. Norton, May 2017. ISBN number is: 978-0-393-63050-3. Use the above in your works cited page. Single spaced, 2 pages is mandatory. For each question, reference where you got your opinion. Most.questions 1-4 should be out of the book and Question 5 is from the book it talks about (autobiography of Robert McNacmara) Critical Thinking Assignment Number Three (Be sure to cite facts to support your opinions and citations for facts- use the textbook or other reputable sources) 1. If you had to choose between having a strong economy and a weak military, or having a weak economy and a strong military, which would you choose? Fully explain your arguments for and against each selection. 2. This textbook emphasizes the themes of democracy, equality, and liberty. Do you think you have a better understanding of those concepts today than when you started this course? Do you think the United States has a moral responsibility to spread democracy throughout the world? If so, how should it be done? How could we export our strengths (freedom) without exporting some of our negatives, like low voter turnout? Do you think Iraq nation-building was worth the cost in US lives? Do you think ousting a dictator and trying to start a democracy works? 3. In past years, the U.S. armed forces have been called on to perform duties that are more humanitarian than militaristic, such as hurricane and flood relief, relieving starvation in Somalia, and restoring democratic government in Haiti. Should the U.S. military perform humanitarian roles, or should that be left to private relief agencies such as the Red Cross or Red Crescent? 4. There are many cruel regimes in the world in Cuba, North Korea, Myanmar and Sudan, among other countries. Should the United States attempt to remove those in charge of such regimes as we did in Iraq? If so, how would you go about doing that? What do you think of the way the United States removed Saddam Hussein? 5. In his autobiography, Robert McNamara, secretary of defense under Presidents Kennedy and Johnson, revealed that he had serious reservations about the war in Vietnam even while he was involved in prosecuting it. His defense was that voicing his disapproval would have been an act of disloyalty to the president and would have given “aid and comfort to the enemy.” Several Bush administration and CIA officials, as well as several retired generals, have condemned the U.S. invasion of Iraq. Do you think these criticisms are unpatriotic, giving “aid and comfort to the enemy,” or are they demonstrations of patriotism? Be sure to support your answer and explain your point of view.

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