Identify which of the Hallmarks of Midwifery (Hallmarks are found in the ACNM Core Competencies document) the position statement utilizes or illustrates.

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Prior to the chat, each student must read the required readings for this unit. During the chat, you will be required to describe one position statement or issue brief and discuss how the ACNM Code of Ethics and/or the Universal ethical principle(s) may apply to the topic or delivery of care. Also, describe which of the Hallmarks of Midwifery the position statement illustrates or applies. Finally, you will need to reflect on how the position statement etc. will guide your practice as a nurse-midwife. Each presentation should be completed in 3-5 minutes. A brief discussion will follow each student’s presentation and should be focused on the ethical issues addressed. A PPT. presentation is required. Students are expected to be familiar with the ACNM documents chosen by other members in their group in order to substantially participate in the discussion. Now here’s the tricky part….each student in your group must choose a different position statement to present. 4-5 slides in addition to the title and reference slides are suggested. If additional slides are added, please consider limiting those to graphic displays. Step by Step Instructions. Choose an ACNM position statement that addresses an ethical topic that you are interested in. Briefly share the key points of the position statement with your teammates. They should be familiar with your statement so you do not have to read it word for word unless it is very short i.e. 1-2 sentences. Please do not use this time to provide a lengthy lecture about this the topic. If the position statement is long, then bullet the salient points. Only share what you must to make describe the stance of the position statement. ( One slide) Identify which of the universal ethical principles or the ACNM code of ethics are implied or relevant to the position statement that you choose. i.e. non-maleficence, paternalism, social justice, autonomy etc. (One slide) Identify which of the Hallmarks of Midwifery (Hallmarks are found in the ACNM Core Competencies document) the position statement utilizes or illustrates. (One slide). Finish with a reflection on how you foresee the ACNM position statement and the associated ethical implications/hallmarks or midwifery may guide your practice. (One slide) Slides should use bullets rather than full sentences to avoid excessive wordiness. Feel free to be creative. Try to limit the word count per slide to 20 words. Use of pictures are worth one thousand words! PLEASE NOTE, YOU DO NOT HAVE TO SUBMIT YOUR SLIDES IN ADVANCE OF YOUR TEAM’S SCHEDULED GOOGLE CHAT. You may submit your ppt. into the appropriate drop box, in canvas after the chat. It is always wise to create a pdf. for submission. One extra point may be earned for substantive participation in the chat.

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