Identify the requirements for utilization and distribution of resources to achieve a culturally safe environment for you and your clients.

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It is important that in your role as a student nurse and later as a Registered nurse that you are able to provide care that is client centred and culturally safe. The Nursing and Midwifery Board of Australia provides guidelines for professional practice. This includes the Code of Conduct for Nurses (2018); The ICN Code of Ethics for Nurses (2012); and the Registered Nurses Standards for practice (2016). These documents provide a framework to support practice for which we are accountable and responsible and should provide a foundation for this reflective essay. Write a 2000 word critically reflective essay: Incorporating the knowledge you have gained throughout the course and this unit and with reference to your Codes and Standards for practice, discuss how you will analyse cultural factors and how these will affect your application of culturally safe care to a client from the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander population. 1. Select a client from this cultural group that you have an interest in or have had experience with. (e.g. age, gender, urban, rural, remote). 2. Use concepts and knowledge gained throughout your course and this unit to Identify the health issues that may impact your chosen client. 3. Then using theoretical frameworks (at least two) to draw connections between your ideas and provide structure to your argument (i.e. knowing, 4 dimensions, etic and emic viewpoints, social imagination, social determinants)., analyse the cultural factors that currently impact on care delivery and as a consequence the health outcomes of your client. 4. Using ONE health Issue determine how you might modify your practice to provide culturally safe care for your client. This will require you to critically reflect on your personal response to your findings and how this may impact on your practice. (Knowing self). This should be supported with reference to your professional documents. 5. Identify the requirements for utilization and distribution of resources to achieve a culturally safe environment for you and your clients. (i.e. cultural knowledge, competence, access, alternate services). It will be necessary to incorporate the knowledge and language gained from the course work, your readings, your first assessment pieces (ASS 1) as well as supporting evidence from a minimum of 15 quality journal articles/ readings of your choice. (No more than 7 years old). Seminal works may be used for this assignment. i.e. Moran.

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