Identify potential barriers to implementing community health plans in your community and brainstorm ways of addressing these barriers (2–3 paragraphs).

Community Strategic Plan: Part A, Community Assessment

For this assignment, identify an area of focus in community health within your own community. My community Broward County, Florida Using Gordon’s Functional Health Patterns framework (p. 130 in your e-text), assess the health risks in your community. In your community assessment paper, include the following: • Identify resources in your community that would enable you to complete a community assessment and submit a summary of your findings (1–2 paragraphs). • Refer to Table 8-3: Examples of Community Strengths and Concerns, and assess the strengths and concerns of your community (2–3 paragraphs). • Identify potential barriers to implementing community health plans in your community and brainstorm ways of addressing these barriers (2–3 paragraphs). You must include 2–3 sources that are APA cited and referenced in your paper. (Sources may include community resources such as flyers, brochures, interviews, news stories, and local research data from credible sources.) Page 130 Gordon’s Functional Health Patterns: Assessment of the Individual Nursing assessment determines the health status of individuals. Table 6-1 demonstrates aspects of a complete nursing assessment.

Assessment, in this case, refers to collection of data that culminates in problem identification or a diagnostic statement. Effective health assessment considers not only physiological parameters, but also how the human being interacts with the whole environment. Behavior patterns, beliefs, perceptions, and values form the essential components of health assessment when maximal health potential of the individual is considered by nurses. Pattern recognition supports our understanding of health of individuals and is reflected in nursing theories such as those initially developed by nursing theorists such as Newman (Pharris, 2011). Historically, conceptual models in nursing have employed Gordon’s health-related behaviors particularly in regard to formulating a framework to guide assessment (Boldt et al., 2010; Epstein et al., 2010; Flanagan & Jones, 2009). Gordon’s (2011) 11 functional health patterns interact to depict an individual’s lifestyle. Using this framework, nurses combine assessment skills with subjective and objective data to construct patterns reflective of lifestyles. Functional Health Pattern Framework Holism and the totality of the person’s interactions with the environment form the philosophical foundations of Gordon’s functional health patterns. This foundation provides a context for collecting data that provide information about the entire person and most life processes. By examining functional patterns and interactions among patterns, nurses accurately determine and diagnose actual or potential problems, intervene more effectively, and facilitate movement toward outcomes to promote health and well-being (Gordon, 2011). In addition to providing a framework to assess individuals, families, and communities holistically, functional health patterns provide a strong focus for more effective nursing interventions and outcomes. This stronger focus provides a solid position from which nurses participate as decision makers in health care systems at organizational, community, national, and international level

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