Identify any biases you see within the articles and conclude by explaining which article of the two had more credibility on the topic.

The Free Press is an integral part of a prosperous democracy. The Founders feared the creation of an oppressive government and though they created a system in which the government can govern or check itself, the worry was the system was not foolproof. The press is often referred to as the Fourth Estate, or the Fourth Branch of the Federal Government because the job of the press is to inform the citizenry and hold our government accountable. Today, media outlets are driven in part by journalistic obligation, yet also in part by a profit motive. Simply put, Fox News and CNN know who their audiences are and are driven by the pursuit of ensuring the audience remains happy and entertained. Using Fox News as an example, the network executives fully understand the demographic breakdown of the viewing audience. Overwhelmingly, most Fox News viewers are seniors and are white. With that, the network determined that old, white folks like President Trump and it is in the best interest of Fox News to keep the viewers happy. On-air personalities should defend the President while ignoring or softening his errors or shortcomings. Criticizing President Trump will compel Fox News viewers to turn the channel. I’m only isolating Fox as the example, the reality is, overwhelmingly, media outlets are driven by profit and this contaminates the purity of objectivity.The question remains: Whom can we trust to get fair-minded news?Instructions:Select one current events topic from the list below:-The Mueller Report-President Trump’s Emergency Declaration for the border wall construction-Tensions with Iran-Import TariffsChoose one article from each list of media outlets about the topic you selected (One article from List A and one article from List B).List A:-The Huffington Daily Kos-Politico-Mother JonesList B:-Breitbart-The Drudge Report-The Daily Caller-Independent Journal Review(note these are all online news outlets)For example: “I chose The Mueller Report and found an article about the Mueller Report from Huffington Post and an article about it from The Drudge Report.”Summarize the current events topic you chose and summarize each of the two articles (making sure to cite it when necessary). Identify any biases you see within the articles and conclude by explaining which article of the two had more credibility on the topic. Make sure to justify your reasoning while being as specific as possible. You may not agree with the perspective of an article but still may find the author(s) made the more compelling case of the two you have chosen. Think about such things as where a journalist may have exaggerated or downplayed a point or ignored or omitted key information. Consider the types of words they used in describing events and what the tone of the narrative is as you read it.The assignment should be approximately two pages in length and will be graded based on the standards outlined in the syllabus. Remember, these two media assignments are significant portions of the overall class grade and as such, require time and effort.

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