• Identify a patient/client nursing issue

Details of assignment for Research Enquiry NS458
Dear student
The purpose of this assignment is to allow you to actively engage in an area of clinical practice relevant to your branch of nursing through engaging with research by conducting a literature review. Specifically you are required to;
• Identify a patient/client nursing issue
• Develop an answerable research question in relation to the chosen issue
• Outline your search strategy
• Search the relevant literature
• Critically analyse the literature
• Summarise the literature through a discussion
• Make recommendations for practice
It is examined by continuous assessment. The assignment has TWO PARTS:
Part A (Assessed with Part B)
This section of the assignment is part of the overall mark for the module and is a pre-requisite to Part B.
1. Identify a patient/client nursing issue that is specific to your defined area of practice.
2. Specify a clinical/practice question pertinent to that patients/clients issue.
This section will take the format of a short essay to meet the above learning outcomes. It should include an introduction to your practice issue and provide some background as to why you have chosen to explore this issue. It should outline your research question which should be clear and concise. This section should be supported with the relevant literature to ensure feasibility of Part B. You need to show evidence of your search strategy with adequate literature.
This is an academic essay and therefore should adopt the appropriate writing style and format.
• Word count: 400 (+/- 10%)
• Please use the format, Introduction, Main Body, Conclusion
• Assignments must be typed in Times Roman Numeral/ Arial font size 12 AND double spaced as per assignment submission guidelines.
• Please upload the essay online via Loop
• Online feedback will be given on the submission to each student prior to the submission of Part B of the Continuous Assessment of this module. Discipline specific feedback will be sought for this part of the assessment however the module co-ordinator will be marking the assessment.
Please Note: Failure to submit this part will result in an inability to submit Part B of the Continuous Assessment
Part B
This section of the assessment will follow logically from Part A which introduced your chosen issue and research question. Therefore in the final submission of Part B you should include Part A as your introduction and background. The remainder of the assignment should adopt the following format;
1. Methods
This section should include a description of your search strategy and how the key articles were sourced. It should include how this literature was critiqued and justify your choice of appraisal tool.
2. Themes/Results
This section should include the main themes/results (2/3 themes max) that you have identified from the literature. The themes should be discussed in a logical order highlighting any similarities or inconsistencies in the literature.
3. Discussion
This section should provide an interpretation of your themes/results. It is vital that you draw on all aspects of your results section and you do not introduce any new information to the discussion. This section discusses and summarises the literature and makes recommendations for practice that will impact on practice in relation to your chosen issue in part A.
Please remember to keep your nursing problem/research question in the forefront of your mind throughout the assignment and indicate what you are learning from the relevant research that is enhancing your understanding of the practice issue.
Finally it is vital to demonstrate your skills of critical appraisal, analysis and synthesis (see marking matrix) throughout your writing of the assignment.
The assignment should include a section for references and appendices where required. Please refer to the student handbook for guidelines on DCU citing and referencing guidelines and your responsibility in relation to plagiarism. As above the format of Part B should be;
• Times Roman Numeral/ Arial font size 12 AND double spaced as per assignment submission guidelines.
• A final submission is to be uploaded via Loop in week 12.
• Please submit one hardcopy of final assignment to nursing reception as per assignment submission guidelines.
• Word count: 2,100 (+/-10%)

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