How would you respond to Aristotle, and is it possible to find the most virtuous people to lead government today?

Greek Philosophy and Aristotle
(6-Pages Total): Use mostly your own words. Try to write as if your addressing a naive audience, so aim to explain the complicated or the unfamiliar. Follow Page Requirements. REFERENCE TO BE USE IN WRITING THIS PAPER: Roochnik, D. (2004). Retrieving the ancients: An introduction to Greek philosophy. Malden, MA: Blackwell. (Use appropriate in-text citations). Section One (2-pages total): Roochnik Text: Chapter 4, pp. 159-185 1. On page 175, Roochnik quotes Aristotle by saying, Form is the nature more than the matter is. Explain this statement by using a few simple examples. 2. Continuing on this theme, pick a simple object that hasnt already been mentioned in the text and descript its form, what functions are possible with that from, and what the forms arte or best function is. Note that an object is something made by human beings. 3. Pick something else out of everyday life (e.g., windmill) and indicate its material, formal, efficient, and final cause. (Questions 1-3 should be a 1-page total, concise and accurate). 4. “The Latin phrase, ex nihilo nihil fit means out of nothing comes nothing.” Explain how this relates to Aristotle’s idea of an eternal, unmoved mover. Indicate also how Aristotle differs from Empedocles. (Aristotles thought will have to be developed here and should be an essay of 1-page). Section Two (2.5-pages total): Roochnik Text: Chapter 4, pp. 185-219 1. Explain how a habit is virtuous for Aristotle even if it is something done without thought. (Can be brief here, – page or 140 words.) 2. Discuss whether you feel the golden mean has many practical applications for creating a more ethical world as well as practical applications for your own life. 3. Can you think of any situations for which the golden mean would not be helpful? (Questions #2 and #3 together should comprise an essay of 1-page.) 4. There is often a disagreement today when voting for political candidates about whether it is more important for the candidate to have a good character or more important for the candidate to hold a position on the issues that you agree with. Which do you think is more important, and would Aristotle agree with you or not? (1-Page) Section Three (1.5-pages total): Roochnik Text: Chapter 4, pp. 214-227 1. There are many complaints today about local, state, and federal politicians. The complaints are that politicians serve their own interests, serve the interests of the few, or they are immoral. Describe how Aristotle would have responded to this contention. 2. Aristotle felt that the best government was the monarchy followed by the aristocracy, believing that your very best person or people would most justly and effectively rule the society. How would you respond to Aristotle, and is it possible to find the most virtuous people to lead government today? (These two questions should result in an essay of 1.5-pages).

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