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Hiring a Nurse for a Hospital How the Process Should ProceedThe first step is to understand the functions for which the hospital requires a nurse. This forms the basis for developing the requisite job description. Understanding the available budget for hiring is crucial in determining the amount to be set aside for salary remuneration and the costs incurred in the hiring process. Availing every requite resource for the recruitment process is another vital step. This step ensures that the process moves on smoothly without facing hiccups. The resources include finances, a facility for undertaking interviews, communication instruments, availability of score sheets for awarding marks during interviews, and availability of interviewers. From here, recruitment and selection begins. Job Description Duties and Responsibilities The nurse will perform various duties by identifying care requirements and providing care to patients and educating them about their health conditions while building rapport and establishing trust with the patients and their families. The daily routine jobs will include:Providing care for a patients in a variety of areas from geriatric to pediatric, or other possible areas like cardiac care, dermatology, neurologic care and neonatal intensive care; Observing patient behavior and recording such behaviors; Providing emergency treatments, such as stroke, heart attacks, burns, and car accidents; Overseeing recovery of post-operative patients; Consulting other healthcare practitioners, like physicians, on the necessary actions to take with regard to certain patient conditions; Promotion of patients independence: this involves establishing supportive patient care goals, such as teaching patient, family and friends, to understand condition, self-care skills, medications, and answering questions; Providing treatment and administering medication; Performing diagnostic tests and operating medical equipment; and Establishing treatment schedules to ensure timely diagnosis and treatment of conditions.Skills and Qualifications The nurse must have a Bachelor Degree in Nursing. The required person must be a registered nurse with the National Council of State Boards of Nursing. Other professional qualifications on nursing will be an added advantage. In relation to this, the nurse must have nursing skills, clinical skills, infection control, bedside manner, and physiological knowledge. Moreover, a desire to participate through medical teamwork is vital. The nurse must also understand how to administer medication, be a keen listener, have proficiency in verbal communication, be able to multi-task, and be able to undertake effective promotion and maintenance of health. Salary The starting monthly salary for the successful applicant will be 6000 USD. This will increase gradually depending on experience, levels of commitment, and emerging, enhanced academic and professional qualifications. Hiring ProcessThe first step is to advertise the job on the internet given that it is the most widely used form of communication in the current world. The advert will be on the hospitals website and on the websites of other job advertisers. It details the deadline for application, the hospitals address, and required documents. Once advertising has taken place, the next step is retrieving applications and putting them together in one folder. All applications have to be in one place to avoid misplacing any of them, as that would jeopardize the recruitment process. Upon the expiry of the application deadline, shortlisting takes place. Given that the hospital only requires one nurse, only thirty applicants will qualify for the first interview. In the final interview, only five candidates will qualify. The interview session will focus on skills, professional knowledge, general knowledge, applicants personality and conduct. Those who attain the highest marks in the first interview will proceed to the final interview. The best candidate in the final interview gets the job. A successful applicant must get minimum marks of 70 percent, failure to which there will be a re-advertisement. The successful applicant reports immediately. The hospital will make necessary measures to ensure smooth relocation.Submitting high-quality Essays, Research Papers, Term Papers, is the only way students can score high grades( As). Students ought to hire professional Writing Service providers who can deliver high-quality work within the allocated time.

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