Global Resource Allocation Discussion

Forum: Global Resource Allocation Discussion
Grading Rubric

/0.5 Introduction: Include a single introductory paragraph. The paragraph should end with a single sentence summarizing the purpose of the discussion.

/2 Social Factors – Why is this an issue? Who are those involved? How are they impacted? Use specific $, #’s, %, etc.

/2 Economic Factors – Discuss economic impact for selected country. Who does it cost? How much does it cost? Use specific $, %. #, etc.

/3 U.S. global health policies and initiatives – Identify U.S. global health policies and initiatives specific to selected country for the global health topic. Discuss the human and financial resources allocated. Provide specific $, #’s, %, etc.

/4 Resource allocation – Discuss human and financial resources allocated to the global health topic specific to selected country. Identify governmental, nongovernmental, foreign government, private foundations, global partnerships, pharmaceutical companies, etc. Specify which entities are dedicating which resources (human/financial) to the global health issue. Discuss at least two (2) entities allocating resources and provides specific $, #’s, %, etc.

/2 Progress – Discuss the progress being made in addressing the global health issue for the selected country.

/2 Additional Resources needed – Identify additional human and financial resources needed to combat the global health topic.

/0.5 Conclusion: Provide a single paragraph summary of the main points of the discussion.

/2 Cross post – Gives a substantive cross post to at least two (2) students. Thoroughly discusses an additional point to the original post specific to selected topic/country, or adds another organization that has an imitative on the topic/country and has allocated other resources to the problem for the selected topic/country in the original post. New or additional peer reviewed references should be cited in both cross posts.

/2 Students demonstrate active engagement in the discussion by responding to cross posts from their peers to their initial posting. References are not required for these responses. The key to this section is to demonstrate active engagement in the discussion through your interaction with your peers- watch for posts from your classmates and acknowledge their posting. *Note: if the student does not have peer cross posts for the initial posting, these points will be incorporated into the cross post section above

/20 Total Points

Overall points are awarded based on the quality of the posts and the degree to which the submissions contribute to class discussion. Students must show evidence of engagement throughout the discussion and postings should reflect the application of the assigned lesson materials.

For the forum discussions:

Each student will post an initial discussion post of 750-1000 words in the forum. Support your discussion with at least 6-8 references.

Students will then cross posts to at least two other students contributing to a robust class discussion. Each cross posts should be 250-500 words. Be sure to include at least one reference in each crosspost as well. Students should utilize different references than used in initial posting.

Students will be expected to respond to cross-posts from their peers.

APA formatting with reference citations. Primary references should be timely, published within the previous five (5) years.

Submit initial post to prior to posting in the forum. Do not post Turnitin similarity report in the forum.

No title page is required in the Forum.

Use heading consistent with a rubric for initial post.

First person may be used.

All posts should be posted in the text box – Do not attach documents that require opening to read. Be sure to review the instructions for copying and pasting from a Word document into Sakai forums that can be found in the Student Resources and Policies tab of the site.

When posting the initial forum discussion, select “start a new conversation”.

Title initial post using title/brief description of selected provision.

When posting the cross post, select “reply to initial message” to post your cross posts.

Once you have completed your initial post, submit a PDF copy of turnitin report (initial post only) to the designated ‘Assignment’ area.

It is not acceptable to “Edit” your Forum post after the due date or after receiving feedback from faculty or your peers .

Up to 20% of the total points for this assignment may be deducted for an overall lack of scholarship to include: late posts, APA errors, grammatical errors, incorrect spelling, over the limit, failure to follow instructions, etc.

Failure to select an appropriate topic or selection of topic and/or country previously selected as a classmate will result in a 10% penalty on the assignment.

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