find a solution for the research provided

I don’t know how to handle this Engineering question and need guidance.

you will find attached below a research about parking in the university of south Florida. please read through it. after you are done in the last part you will find proposed solutions, we are supposed to provide three solutions for this research with credible sources. also the solutions are preferred to be feasible so the university would actually implement it, this part below, I have copied it from the paper itself. it just helps to give a better understanding on what the solution is evaluated upon. Moreover, This paper that is attached is just a draft so please do not get confused with all the random organization. now please, I have two solutions in this draft. But, also I need two more solutions because i am not liking on of the solutions my friend provided. Thank you

ps, for the layout please follow how the paper is already laid out and do not forget to put the references. Also I need you to write everything you add in red so i can now where did you add it.

Solution Criteria

Each solution will be judged based on the following criteria: How much it benefits USF’s Parking and Transportation System as a whole, how much it helps the students at USF, and whether it’s cost effective or beneficial overall for USF to enact such a solution. Whether a solution is feasible or not will depend on how well it matches all the criteria listed.

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