explore nursing leadership competencies and attempt to apply the principles you have read about to your clinical work as a Family Nurse Practitioner.

Week 3 Nursing Leadership Reflection Paper
Assignment: Nursing Leadership Reflection Paper

Length: Not to exceed 8 pages, double-spaced, not including the cover and reference pages.

Format: Students must follow APA format.

References: Citations must be used to support your writing. References that are used in the assignment must be cited correctly in your paper. If you use nursing journals in addition to the course texts, documents, articles and websites, they must come from major academic journals, such as those that are “peer reviewed” in (MEDICINE,NURSING) CINAHL Plus, Medline and ProQuest electronic databases. Please use at least three references.

In this assignment you will explore nursing leadership competencies and attempt to apply the principles you have read about to your clinical work as a Family Nurse Practitioner. The guidelines for this assignment are as follows:

Complete all of the required readings up to and including this week.
Select a nursing leader from your nursing career whom you admire and consider to be a “good” leader. You MUST know the person i.e. selected nurse leader CANNOT be a historic figure such as Florence Nightingale.
Write an introduction of topic and state the purpose of the paper.
Describe rationale for selecting this nursing. Explain the qualities and characteristics of selected nursing leaderthat you admire most. Discus how these qualities and characteristics are similar to those that are described in your textbook.
Identify and discuss the leadership domain(s) from your textbook in which this nursing leader works i.e. clinical, management etc.
Explain and cite a leadership definition(s) from your textbook most representative of selected nursing leader.
Identify and cite which leadership modelfrom your textbook best fits selected nursing leader.
Describe how selected nursing leadership demonstrates respect for cultural diversity.Give examples.
Describe how selected nursing leader handles controversy in the work setting? Give examples.
Discuss ways selected nursing leader helps to promote collaborationamong the nursing staff, among the nursing staff and physicians, and other health care workers in the unit. Give examples.
Reflect on what you have written. Write a section about self-reflectionwhich includes:
your own leadership qualities and attributes
leadership domain you aspire to work
leadership model you would most likely follow
leadership definition which closely characterizes your leadership style (or the style you aspire to achieve)
how you respect cultural diversity with specific examples
how you handle controversy in your current work situation with specific examples
how you collaborate with other nurses, physicians and other health care workers in your work area with specific examples
Write a succinct conclusionwhich restates the purpose of the paper and main concepts discussed.
List referencesin APA format. All citations must have references and vice versa.

NOTE: The above bold phrases suggest headings for the paper. The first heading is never the word “Introduction” rather, wording must match the title of paper. See APA.

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