Explain what is required of someone in that field and what qualifications are necessary to enter that field.

MLA FORMAT Research Paper must consist of at least 1500 words and include at least five sources (articles, books, interviews, etc.). You may include as many internet resources as you would like. The last page of your paper will be your Works Cited page. These steps located below must be followed..

In your research paper, you must
A. Identify the profession you have chosen (or choose any profession).

B. Explain how you must prepare for that position.

C. Explain what is required of someone in that field and what qualifications are necessary to enter that field.

D. Describe the work environment and employment outlook.
E. Include the Math Component of the Research Paper:

1. Include the income you could expect to earn in your chosen profession AFTER taxes are deducted. Clearly explain how much money would be deducted for federal income taxes AND the balance that would be remaining.

EX: According to “Accountants,” the average accountant earns $36,000 during the first year on the job. “IRS Announces Tax Rates” lists the tax rate for a single person with this income as 15% plus about $930, so I would earn about $29,670 after federal income taxes were withheld from my annual income as an accountant. This does not include state taxes, insurances premiums, or any other deductions. I did not include exemptions because I am not sure yet if I’ll get married or have children at that point.

2. Considering costs associated with living (rent or mortgage, groceries, utilities, car insurance, gas, childcare, etc.), will this career support your lifestyle?
EX: My friend and I share an apartment now, and it costs $730 per month, but she is getting married, so I will need at least that much to pay my rent. I will also need enough money for my other bills (about $500 right now). I will have a student loan payment of $150 each month, and I will need money for gas. If I spend wisely and avoid going out and eating out to often, I should have enough money to support myself, but I will have very little left over to save.
F. Include anything else related to this field and/or training. You may include personal information (why you decided to pursue this career, family members active in this profession, etc.).
G. If you are writing about a general field (teaching, nursing, engineering), consider including paragraphs addressing different types of teaching or nursing or engineering you may want to pursue if you want to do so. For example, some students might have paragraphs about maternity nursing, neonatal nursing, critical care nursing. Perhaps this student is not quite sure which direction she will choose yet.

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